Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Preventing an Uh-Oh

It can be a terrifying thought, to realize that life can come to a full circle. People are born relying upon their parents, and they eventually come to age when they rely upon their children to care for them. It is an unfortunate fact of life, but there are times when incontinence medical supplies may be necessary to ensure that everyone is happy and healthy. These supplies will help give the elderly and ill a way to maintain their dignity, and they will give the provider a lot of help in keeping their friends and loved-ones healthy.

Defining Incontinence
Whether through illness or age a person may start to experience the inability to control their bowels. There are various illnesses that can lead to this, either temporarily or permanently, and the deteriorating properties of age often leads to incontinence during the latter years of life. Of course, incontinence medical supplies aid the person in keeping their self-respect. It gives them at least a little control over their incontinence.

What Are Incontinence Supplies?
The majority of these supplies are in the forms of 'adult diapers.' Though, it may be a bit more preferable to use different terminology. These absorbent pads will keep the incontinence at bay until the person can either get to a private area or be taken care of by a loved-one.

However, there are various other supplies that are considered to assist in dealing with incontinence. For instance, there are multiple bedspreads that a person can place under their sheets to ensure that their mattresses are not soiled in the middle of the night. In fact, there are even underpads that can be placed on top of cushions, under couch covers, and in nearly any place that the person would sit. This prevents a person with incontinence from soiling their own positions, and it continues to give them a peace of mind. No matter what happens, they are prepared for an accident of incontinence.

Life might do a full circle, but there is no doubt that everyone can be prepared. Children require their caretakers to bathe, clothe, and change their diapers. Yet, the elderly have the chance to purchase incontinence supplies to, at least temporarily, take care of themselves with dignity.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Curity Non-adherent Strips

For delicate and painful wounds, Curity non-adherent strips are an excellent choice for minimizing pain and trauma during dressing changes. Curity dressings are a class of dressing known as an impregnated gauze, meaning each dressing is made of a knitted, open mesh soaked in an oil emulsion and sealed in a watertight package that keeps it sterile until use. Patients or providers can cover small wounds with just one dressing, and multiple dressings can be used to cover larger wounds, making these gauze dressings an economical choice.

Curity non-adherent strips provide several advantages over other dry types of dressings; they allow wounds to breathe and drain, while the oil emulsion prevents the dressing from painfully sticking to the wound it protects. Non-adherent dressings, such as the Curity line, offer patients improved comfort and healing for wounds that are particularly delicate, or that require frequent or painful dressing changes - such as donor or graft sites, draining/exudative wounds, or staple and suture lines, especially delicate ones such as those created by plastic or restorative surgery. In addition, their construction ensures that they will not unravel or shred when cut to size, making dressing changes easier and cleaner overall. These dressings are also appropriate for burns, skin tears, lacerations and abrasions.

To use non-adherent gauze dressings, first remove the old dressing and clean the wound as directed by the physician or wound care provider. Cut the Curity dressing to an appropriate size to cover the wound and apply to the site. Secure the dressing with rolled gauze, tape, or other non-occlusive adhesive; using an occlusive dressing will eliminate the open-mesh breathability benefit that the dressing provides.

Curity dressings are easy to use, promote faster and less painful wound healing, and provide a sterile dressing that stays intact even when cut. Patients and providers alike will find that they can easily perform dressing changes using non-adherent dressings from the Curity line.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Classic Pantyhose for Health Uses

Compression garments offer a variety of benefits that can help to alleviate certain symptoms associated with many medical conditions. In particular, classic pantyhose can offer a therapeutic form of compression while providing an attractive and functional garment.

What Health Conditions are Helped by Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy creates subcutaneous pressure that helps to reduce swelling in body tissues. By shifting fluid into the surrounding capillaries, patients experience a markedly lowered incidence of leg swelling. Additionally, compression therapy can prevent veins from expanding and overflowing with blood. Classic pantyhose offers the following benefits for patients with these conditions:

  • Varicose veins- Helps to reduce the appearance of varicose veins by lowering superficial vein blood pressure.
  • Healed or active venous ulcers - Reduces pressure on the wound, allowing for increased healing.
  • Lymphedema- Assists with circulating lymph fluids to effectively reduce swelling.
  • Deep vein thrombosis - Used to treat or prevent the formation of blood clots in deep leg veins.

Classic compression pantyhose is also recommended for people who experience tired, aching legs or general swelling.

Choosing Graduated Compression Garments

After a consultation with a medical professional, many people discover that compression therapy could be to their benefit. When consumers begin browsing the various types of compression garments that are available, they should pay attention to the unique methods of therapy that different pantyhose styles can provide.

Most doctors recommend the purchase of garments that work by means of gradient compression. This form of compression therapy is accomplished by focusing the most intense pressure in the ankle region that decreases incrementally as the stocking ascends he leg. It's important for patients to take adequate time to ensure they pick a style of pantyhose best suited toward their medical needs. Modern compression pantyhose offers a sleek look while providing valuable health benefits to many people.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What Are The Best Incontinence Products For Seniors?

In order to evaluate what are the best incontinence products for seniors, it's important to understand a few things about adult diapers in general.

Adult incontinence briefs, also known as adult diaper briefs, are put on by attaching sticky tags on either side of the briefs. This design means that the person using the briefs does not have to step into them as they would with traditional briefs or "pull-up" style diapers. Adult incontinence briefs are used with people who have very little mobility, who are not necessarily putting the briefs on themselves. These briefs can be attached and ripped off very quickly. The senior can be lying in bed while he or she is being changed or standing in front of a commode.

It's important to order the right size incontinence briefs. This is especially true if the briefs are being ordered in bulk. Use a tape measure to measure the waist of the person who will be wearing the briefs in inches. Use this measurement to determine the correct size. Most companies that sell incontinence briefs will have a chart to select the correct size based on a waist measurement in inches. It's important to note that not every company and brand uses the exact same chart.

Also, adult incontinence briefs have different levels of absorbency. The amount of absorbency necessary in a brief depends on the individual. Factors to consider include how much urine a person produces during one episode of urination and the frequency of their episodes of urination. Also consider that staff in nursing homes are required to change diapers of residents requiring total care at least twice in an eight hour shift. General categories of absorbency used by most adult incontinence brands are light, moderate and heavy.

In conclusion, there's a lot to know about how to order the best incontinence products for seniors. With a little trial and error, however, the best products for whatever the need - whether it's for one person or a whole facility - can be obtained.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our Favorite Female Incontinence Products

Recent research reveals that approximately 1 in 4 individuals have bladder leakage. This condition affects both the young and old, as well as men and women. However, nature has favored women with this problem, with our gender being three times more likely to experience incontinence than men.The great news is that there are excellent products that can give us peace of mind and make incontinence manageable. Here we present our faves of the best female incontinence products available.

Absorbent pads are disposable and have adhesive strips that attach to underwear. They absorb 8 or more ounces of fluid, protecting your skin and blocking odor. Incontinence pads are preferable over menstrual pads. Although a menstrual pad pulls moisture away from your skin, the material doesn't absorb urine effectively. Incontinence pads are specifically designed to rapidly absorb urine. Some pads are treated with gels that neutralize urine's harmful chemicals. They also have better wicking capacity.

  • Poise Hourglass Pads - These pads come in 3 types, Moderate, Maximum, and Ultimate. Their contoured shape helps prevent bunching and leakage. Quick wicking capacity protects skin and prevents odor. The pads have stand-up leak shields, creating a "cupped" effect. They also have a pleasant scent.

  • Poise Ultimate Pads, Long - These thin, contoured pads are the most absorbent available. Odor and wetness are no match for the "Ultimate." They're designed with leak-block sides and are 1" longer than the standard Ultimate. Another nice feature is that they're individually wrapped, making them discreet and portable.

  • Always Discreet Incontinence Pads Ultimate, Long Length - These pads are unique in that they contain an absorbent gel material for extra protection against wetness. They have a light, fresh scent and are treated to neutralize odor rather than mask it. Despite their thin design, they're super-absorbent. Leg cuffs further protect against leaks. Pads are individually wrapped. They're also dermatologically tested.

  • Tena Serenity Ultimate Protection Pads - These pads are designed for heavy bladder leakage. They're soft and contoured, with high side shields. They provide excellent odor protection. They also come individually wrapped. With a 16" length, these are the longest pads available. An adhesive strip keeps them securely in place. They provide excellent overnight protection. Tena Serenity Ultimate Protection Pads have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This means the product has been thoroughly tested by scientists and engineers for its effectiveness. Good Housekeeping will refund or replace the pads if they're found to be defective within two years of being purchased.

The advantage of incontinence underwear is that it's washable, making it a money-saver. Incontinence panties include a waterproof liner and pad. Since they don't absorb as much urine as a single pad, they're best for light to moderate leakage. Below is the most effective, comfortable, and pretty panty we've found.

  • Wearever Women's Super Incontinence Panties - These panties and soft and silky. They consist of a waterproof outer layer and sewn-in pad. They're highly breathable, with a perforated design in a pretty pattern. They have a high waist and generous rear. The fit is comfortable and snug, but not too tight. The manufacturer claims they're good for 200-250 washes. Made of cotton/polyester jersey, they do wash well.

  • Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment, By ConvaTec Inc. - The nurses among us highly recommend this product as a skin barrier. It is easily applied and long-lasting. It has excellent skin-protecting, softening, and healing properties. It's fragrance-free. It's especially beneficial for post-shower application. Healing ingredients include petrolatum, lanolin, glycerin, and aloe.


  • TriDerma Intense Fast Healing® Cream - For skin that's suffering from rash and urine burn, this cream is a miracle-worker. It has a full complement of healing ingredients, including aloe, Vitamins A, B, D, and E, zinc, and collagen. It quickly heals areas of skin breakdown and irritation. It's soothing, non-greasy, and instantly melts into your skin.

  • CareFor Premium Underpad With Handles, By HDIS Inc. - An underpad on a fitted sheet gives additional protection to bedding. What's unique about this bed protector is the handle strip sewn to the underside. This feature makes it especially easy to remove from the bed. The top layer is a soft flannel, with an antibacterial and antifungal finish. Its quilted surface makes it all the more comfortable. The wicking layer is made of polyester/rayon, which quickly soaks up fluid. The underpad stays put, and won't ball, shift, or slip. The pad comes in a generous 34" x 36" size.

  • Super Kegel Pelvic Muscle Thigh Exerciser, By Verseo - This is a device you hold between your upper thighs. By squeezing it with your legs, you isolate the muscles that control urine flow. By strengthening these pelvic floor muscles, you prevent urine leakage. In the process of using the device, you also tone the muscles of your abs, thighs, and rear. The stainless steel exerciser has vinyl padding for comfort. The tension is adjustable. This product comes with an instruction booklet and exercise chart. The bottom line is that you'll get a toned posterior and tightened interior, for improved bladder control.


Incontinence is admittedly inconvenient. However, the above products can make it less intrusive. Doing Kegel exercises can also help strengthen the muscles that keep incontinence in check. With the above arsenal of protective products, we've got you covered. You can enjoy an active life in confidence and comfort.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Which Ankle Brace is Right For You?

Navigating the sea of ankle brace choices can be overwhelming. Pairing the problem with the solution will help achieve the best outcome for ankle health and stability. Ankle injury can occur when it is twisted or turned while walking on an unstable surface. On occasion, an ankle is sprained from a fall or while playing sports. These are injuries that require ankle braces because they provide support while aiding in the healing process. Even when an injury hasn't occurred, ankle braces may be needed for extra support to prevent injury during daily activities. Here are some common problems and the right brace solution to achieve optimum ankle health.

Recurrent ankle instability: This type of injury requires daily support. A Lace-up Ankle Brace has laces that allow the brace to fit tight and stay secure. It is a slim design made of canvas material and can be worn on a daily basis inside of a shoe.

Torn ligaments or sprain: This type of injury needs a brace that provides therapeutic support. A High Performance Ankle Brace made of lightweight material and semi-rigid spiral stays provide support on both sides of the ankle. The stays also provide built-in resistance to inversion and eversion, or turning of the foot and ankle inward or outward.

Acute sprain with ankle instability: This type of injury requires moderate support for pain, swelling and discomfort. Sport Fit Ankle Brace is a good option because it is constructed of a non-stretchy nylon with lateral stays to stabilize and minimize movement. Keeping the foot in a neutral position allows for quicker healing. Velcro straps allow for size adjustment when the ankle is swollen.

Injury prevention: For past injuries or unstable ankles, a brace is helpful for daily activities as a preventative measure. A Foam Stirrup Ankle Brace provides maximum comfort because it contains memory foam for uniform compression while evenly distributing support. Velcro straps make it easier to take on and off between workouts or other physical activities.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who is Affected By Incontinence?

Incontinence is a problem that affects over 25 million Americans. There are various types of incontinence and understanding which type you’re struggling with, can help you reduce how much you’re affected by incontinence. A lot of people are too embarrassed to seek help for incontinence, but this is not a rare issue and it’s treatable ,you don’t need to live with incontinence.

Who Struggles With the Different Types of Incontinence

• Overflow Incontinence: This is a serious type of incontinence because it occurs when there’s an obstruction in the urine flow. The bladder overflows due to the obstruction and you’ll leak a small amount of urine. This sometimes happens due to an enlarged prostate - the prostate may squeeze the urethra or the bladder valve may not open the way it should. You may feel that you have to urinate every few minutes - this is because the bladder isn’t emptying entirely when you urinate.

• Stress Incontinence: People who suffer from anxiety or stress often experience incontinence issues. Incontinence usually occurs when these types of people are coughing, sneezing, lifting, laughing, or exercising; sometimes it can even happen while you’re simply standing up.

• Urge Incontinence: Do you often feel an urgent need to urinate? If you have to get to the restroom immediately in order to keep yourself from “leaking,” you may be dealing with urge incontinence. The sensation of urgency can be painful and uncomfortable, and it may point to a urinary tract infection.

Note that a lot of people experience more than one kind of incontinence. For example, stress and urge incontinence are often experienced together.

There are various treatments for incontinence, including:

• Behavioral therapy to address any activities or behaviors that can be changed to prevent future incontinence.

• Surgery for a variety of issues, including to lift the bladder, implant an artificial valve around the urethra, or to tighten the bladder valve.

• There are medications that people with incontinence can take to limit how much the muscles in the bladder contract, which helps with urgent incontinence and frequency of urination.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Differences in Types of Incontinence Skin Care Products

Individuals who are incontinent are at risk of developing skin problems in and around the genital area. Wearing diapers to prevent messes can make the situation worse because then the skin may spend prolonged periods of time in direct contact with urine or stool. Individuals who are incontinent need to keep the skin as dry and as clean as possible. A variety of different types of skin care products are available to assist in achieving this goal. Differences in types of incontinence skin care products are discussed below.

Personal care washcloths are a popular option for caring for skin. These washcloths are usually single-use disposable items that come sealed in individual-use packets for ease of transport or sealed in bulk packets for use at home. They are pre-moistened wipes used to clean the skin. Some personal care washcloths come infused with aloe, vitamin E, and/or creams to help soothe and heal irritated skin.

Wash creams
Washing creams are intended to be used an alternative to soap. They are used during showers or baths to clean the genital area. They are designed to clean effectively without irritating and over-drying the skin, which can happen when using soap as a cleanser.

No-rinse cleansers
No-rinse cleansers are washing creams used during a sponge-type bath. They are used to clean the area using a washcloth or sponge, but do not need to be rinsed off. The cleanser is applied and just wiped off. These cleansers are designed to soothe and protect the skin while cleaning it thoroughly.

Protective ointments
Protective ointments are intended to be applied to clean, dry skin to form a protective barrier over the skin. The ointment protects the skin from exposure to acidic urine. Many of these ointments also contain ingredients intended to soothe and heal irritated skin such as jojoba oil and aloe. Protective ointments come in variously sized containers, including small tubes ideal for transport and larger containers ideal for home use.

Most individuals with incontinence may need several different types of skin care products to keep their skin in its best condition.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Traveling with Incontinence

Millions of people are bothered with an occasional leaky bladder. They drink too much liquid and their bladder leaks. However, a growing number of people suffer with that problem daily. They suffer with urinary incontinence. They find it extremely difficult to control the urine in their bladder. Certainly traveling with incontinence is a major problem for those individuals. Let's take a closer look.

Who suffers with incontinence? I Will take a look at the statistics that were released by the government. Clearly, millions suffer with this condition. The statistics also point out that more women suffer with incontinence than men. It is also interesting to note that about half of the patients in nursing facilities suffer with this medical irregularity.

Incontinence Warning Signs
Are you suffering with a nervous bladder or something more serious? The fact is that many people do not recognize incontinence signs. Often, they attribute the most apparent signs to a temporary leaky bladder, nervousness, or failing to get to the bathroom on time. A lot of women develop incontinence problems after having a baby. They find that any type of physical exertion causes leakage. For example sneezing, coughing, laughing, lifting heavy objects, or exercising hard. Others hate traveling with incontinence because they suffer with a strong need to urinate and cannot control their bladder.

Incontinence Solutions
Let's face facts. Losing urinary control is embarrassing. This might persuade sufferers to avoid social situations. However, there are solutions to the urinary condition. Of course, it is vital to discuss this matter with a doctor. Certainly, incontinence products are also another solution. For example, adult diapers, adult underwear, and adult liners. There are also products on the market that specifically target men and women.

Certainly, incontinence is an embarrassing and frustrating problem that affects millions. The American population is aging. Therefore, health experts predict the numbers to grow much higher. Use the information here to learn to cope with the condition.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

When Parents Suffer From Incontinence

Incontinence, or ineffective bladder control is a common problem among the elderly. It can be equally difficult for the children of those who suffer from the condition. Helping a parent with incontinence may come down to following some simple procedures and using a few basic products.

In cases of only slight urine leakage, a pad or guard that fits neatly inside the underwear should be sufficient to protect outer clothing. Those who experience the complete emptying of their bladders will require protective underwear that can contain a large amount of fluid. The highest level of protection is afforded through the use of adult diapers, which are particularly useful to those confined to bed or to a wheelchair.

Dealing with the effects of incontinence also involves protecting the furniture and bedding on which the person sits or sleeps, and this can be accomplished through the use of waterproof underpads. However, the threat posed by the condition goes beyond stained clothing and furniture; especially when considering the physical effect of urine on the skin. In order to avoid rashes, those who suffer from the condition need to be kept as dry as possible. Further protection can be guaranteed through the use of drying products and skin ointments.

The elderly need to be constantly kept aware of their bathroom needs and must also have a clear path to the nearest toilet. In public places, those accompanying them should know the location of the closest restroom in case it is needed in a hurry. It may also be wise to provide those so afflicted with a regular bathroom schedule so to prevent the excessive accumulation in their bodies of urine.

Specific pelvic exercises can actually reverse incontinence, although medications and even surgery may be useful in cases where there is an underlying medical problem. Otherwise, a good diet that includes cranberry juice but avoids alcohol and caffeine and the consumption of any fluids after dinner may be enough to alleviate the problem. Helping to change his or her personal habits may go a long way in helping a parent with incontinence.

Monday, December 8, 2014

About SureCare Protective Underwear

Adult underwear provides comfort and peace of mind for those dealing with incontinence, but not all brands offer the same level of quality. Some are made from materials that do not absorb as much as other brands, while others are not comfortable to wear. SureCare Protective Underwear offers both a high rate of absorption and a comfortable fit for adults who need added protection due to incontinence.

SureCare products are made from stretchy polymer material that is able to thoroughly absorb urine while also letting enough air flow through. They fit snugly enough, but they are also loose enough to prevent skin chafing or irritation. These products also have a special moisture barrier that helps prevent leaks, which provides consumers with an additional level of comfort whether they wear them at night or during the day.

SureCare Protective Underwear looks like regular underwear and also feels like it, which makes it one of the top picks among those with incontinence. It also offers other features, including a color indicator, a gel core for longer lasting protection and added odor control. Consumers who wear this type of protective underwear do not have to worry about it making noise either. The moisture barrier cloth-like material helps prevent that.

SureCare products are designed for those who deal with moderate to heavy incontinence. These products come in a unisex design and are made from a comfortable cloth material that features tear away sides to make them easier to remove. They are also disposable for added convenience.

These protective underwear products are available in a range of sizes, including medium, large, extra large and XX-large. They are sold in larger cases for those who need to wear them often or smaller packs for those who only need to wear them from time to time.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Incontinence Pads and Liners for Men Offer Peace of Mind

Nearly one-fourth of the estimated 25 million people who currently suffer from incontinence, the involuntary leakage of urine from the body, are men. The likelihood of developing incontinence greatly increases in men as they age. Incontinence pads and liners for men are an affordable solution for protecting men who suffer from bladder leakage. Giving them peace of mind that they won't suffer embarrassment due to leaks or odors that can develop unexpectedly at any time.

Constant Protection
Urinary leakage in light, moderate or heavy amounts can be very unpredictable for men who experience incontinence. But wearing the right incontinence pads or liners in underwear offers a predictable way to insure that leaking urine will not create stains or damp patches on the clothing.Making an incontinent man feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Secure Fit
Quality incontinence pads and liners for men that provide a secure fit within a man's own briefs or other underwear styles will not restrict a man's natural movement or uncomfortably restrict the movement of his penis. Incontinence pads and liners comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses so that each man can find the fit that feels most comfortable for him.

Good Absorption
It's not always convenient for a man who suffers from incontinence to find a restroom or other appropriate area to change into a new incontinence pad or liner. So the best products for men that offer incontinence protection offer a very high rate of liquid absorption; wicking moisture away from the skin and holding it securely inside the pad or liner until a man can safely change his protective liner or pad.

A man who wears incontinence pads or liners as protection against urinary accidents can rest assured that no one else will be the wiser that he has taken this step to prevent urinary incontinence from controlling his life or ruining his day. A man can go about his daily activities with the peace of mind that comes from knowing unexpected urinary leakage won't ruin his clothing, cause any discomfort, or make him feel embarrassed in any work or social situation.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Top Picks for Adult Briefs and Underwear

What Is Used for Adult Incontinence?
Adult incontinence occurs when adults lose bladder control. This can happen because of older age, a recent accident or surgery or various other reasons. If you or someone you know suffers from adult incontinence, there are fortunately some things you can do to help with this problem.

What Is Used for Adult Incontinence?
Generally speaking, adult briefs are used to aid with adult incontinence. Adult briefs are diapers that are designed for adult bodies and adult use. They can be used by the individual who is suffering from incontinence, or they can be used by caretakers for those individuals who have little to no mobility themselves.

The adult diapers that are best used for adult incontinence have tabs on either side. These tabs are sticky and are easy to secure when putting on adult briefs. They offer a comfortable and flexible fit, and they are easy to adjust as well. For those individuals who need constant protection throughout the day because of incontinence, adult briefs are the best answer.

One of the best things about adult briefs is that no one will notice that they are on, and they offer secure protection for hours at a time. In fact, they are extremely similar to real underwear made of cotton or other cloth. For those adults who are still very active but have incontinence, these briefs are flexible enough to be worn in most any situation. The elastic waistbands are extremely comfortable, and they contour to the different shapes and movements of the body. Below, we will examine some of the top picks for the best adult incontinence briefs.

First, SureCare Protective Underwear for Adults has great absorbency and offers the best comfort. That’s why these are the best selling adult briefs. Next, Simplicity Adult Quilted Briefs with moderate absorbency are for those who have some bladder control but not all. finally, Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Underwear is best for nighttime wear.

Remember, the best adult incontinence briefs look and feel like real underwear, and they can be worn in most any situation. Find the best deals on these products online.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dealing with Incontinence in Public Places

The possibility of suffering from incontinence in public is a terrifying prospect.Unfortunately a stark reality for many individuals today. Adopting some simple strategies can help avoid accidents and deal with them when they occur.

What Causes Incontinence?

The inability to control the bladder or bowels often comes from specific medical conditions which weaken the muscles that control the urethra and anus. Simply stems from a decrease in tone due to the aging process or obesity. Urinary incontinence often comes with menopause, and is also seen in many patients who are taking muscle relaxants, heart medications, and high blood pressure pills.

What Can I do to Help Avoid Accidents?

When incontinence in public becomes a concern, a few steps can help individuals to decrease the probability of accidents away from home including:

  • Avoiding drinks with alcohol, caffeine and carbonation
  • Limiting corn syrup and artificial sweeteners
  • Monitoring the intake of highly acidic foods

Dealing With Accidents Away from Home

Fortunately, many products are currently on the market today that help individuals who are suffering from a loss of bladder or bowel control. Disposable adult briefs work well to catch urine and feces and have been streamlined to be virtually unnoticeable under clothing. It is wise to gather items to create a discreet kit that can help individuals who may potentially suffer from a bladder or bowel accident in public. A complete kit can be a tote, backpack or other bag and should include:

  • A complete change of clothing
  • At least three disposable briefs
  • Disposable wipes
  • A supply of plastic bags for trash and soiled clothing
  • Hand sanitizer