Saturday, December 27, 2014

Curity Non-adherent Strips

For delicate and painful wounds, Curity non-adherent strips are an excellent choice for minimizing pain and trauma during dressing changes. Curity dressings are a class of dressing known as an impregnated gauze, meaning each dressing is made of a knitted, open mesh soaked in an oil emulsion and sealed in a watertight package that keeps it sterile until use. Patients or providers can cover small wounds with just one dressing, and multiple dressings can be used to cover larger wounds, making these gauze dressings an economical choice.

Curity non-adherent strips provide several advantages over other dry types of dressings; they allow wounds to breathe and drain, while the oil emulsion prevents the dressing from painfully sticking to the wound it protects. Non-adherent dressings, such as the Curity line, offer patients improved comfort and healing for wounds that are particularly delicate, or that require frequent or painful dressing changes - such as donor or graft sites, draining/exudative wounds, or staple and suture lines, especially delicate ones such as those created by plastic or restorative surgery. In addition, their construction ensures that they will not unravel or shred when cut to size, making dressing changes easier and cleaner overall. These dressings are also appropriate for burns, skin tears, lacerations and abrasions.

To use non-adherent gauze dressings, first remove the old dressing and clean the wound as directed by the physician or wound care provider. Cut the Curity dressing to an appropriate size to cover the wound and apply to the site. Secure the dressing with rolled gauze, tape, or other non-occlusive adhesive; using an occlusive dressing will eliminate the open-mesh breathability benefit that the dressing provides.

Curity dressings are easy to use, promote faster and less painful wound healing, and provide a sterile dressing that stays intact even when cut. Patients and providers alike will find that they can easily perform dressing changes using non-adherent dressings from the Curity line.


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