Thursday, August 20, 2015

Types of Incontinence Liners and Pads

Incontinence liners and pads are products made for people who experience bladder leakage. They provide confidence to the wearer who wants to avoid embarrassment and prevent soiling of clothing. In order to choose the right liner or pad for yourself or someone you know, read the information below.

Light Incontinence

Pads designed for light leakage look like the type of pads used for feminine hygiene purposes, but they are much more absorbent. They can be discreetly worn inside panties because they are thin. Some come with wings on the sides that fold over and keep the pad securely in position, although even pads without wings do not tend to shift. When you wear a light leakage pad, no one can tell. Neither can you because they are that comfortable.

Medium Incontinence

Leakage that is considered a little heavier than light may require that you wear an incontinence pad with a little more protection than a light pad. It, too, will look like a feminine hygiene pad. A liner or pad made for medium leakage is discreet, very absorbent, and comfortable to wear. Some may be made with a layer of material that locks leaked fluids into the pad.

Heavy Incontinence

For those with leakage on the heavy side, liners and pads made with moisture retaining materials are made. These products protect the skin from coming in contact with the leakage. They may have the words “Super” or “Plus” included in their name to indicate they offer extra protection. Some manufacturers of these types of liners or pads design their product with elastic around the leg to ensure leaks will not seep out the sides. These products are usually made to maintain their shape.

Since the people who make incontinence liners and pads know that people with bladder problems have different levels of bladder leakage, they produce these products to accommodate an individual’s specific needs. A liner or pad that works for one may not work for the next person. This is why you should study your options and compare them to your needs before buying incontinence liners or pads.


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