Friday, September 4, 2015

Science Tackles the World of Absorbent Undergarments: Medical Supplies Disposable Underwear

Science has designed an absorbent and disposable article of underwear that provides convenience and security for adults and infants. It's so versatile that it has found a use for space travelers, and it provides ease for recovering and disabled adults in the home; moreover, this product is available as a cartooned fashion statement for infants.

They're marketed worldwide as disposable undergarments. They are suitable for a walk on the moon, in the cradle, or as similar creations in the department of medical supplies disposable underwear.

Crystals and Gels

Technicians have invented a sand-like material called sodium polyacryiate that can be used in disposable briefs for any consumer, including newborn babies, incontinent disabled and recovering individuals, and of course, astronauts.

The dry crystallized particles change to a gel consistency when fluid is absorbed into them; consequently, the user remains dry and comfortable. One pound of this product has the potential to absorb up to 50 gallons of water. Science has again made the world a more comfortable place.


Adult underwear pull-ups and briefs are constructed in a fashion that is similar to the infant's diaper. The outer layer is made of a breathable, cloth-like fiber with an inner layer that works to wick moisture away from the skin. The inner core locks in the gel-like material that also contains an odor blocker. This helps to ensure more comfort in the life of active or recovering adults.


Pull-ups are popular for active adults that are self-sufficient in their personal hygiene and care. They are fully designed with flexible elastic waistbands, and some even have side tear strips for convenient removal.


The brief style is used often by caregivers that provide specialized in-home care for those with limited mobility. The attached side tabs are adhesive and easy to manipulate for removal.

Disposable underwear is readily available to consumers. From light weight varieties to over-night choices that can hold up to 32 ounces of fluid, there is a style for everyone. Shopping today for personal products in department stores and online adds comfort to life.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sure Care Unisex Protective Underwear with Moderate Absorbency Offers Reliability and Durability

Many individuals require high-quality incontinence garments because they have a chronic medical condition. Sure Care unisex protective underwear with moderate absorbency is a best seller because it has all of the features required by men and women. This product is the one used most often in assisted living homes, rehabilitation facilities and hospitals because it meets the needs of patients recovering from surgeries or illnesses. An incontinence product must have durability and reliability to reduce the embarrassment of leakage. Available in several different sizes, it is easy for someone to measure their hips and waist to select the appropriate size.

It is Comfortable to Wear

This incontinence garment is designed to resemble everyday underwear to eliminate unsightly bulges underneath clothing. Each protective underwear garment has comfortable elastic at the waistband and leg openings to create a perfect fit. There are no adhesive tabs on the sides that require adjusting to make the garments fit correctly, and no worries about tabs becoming unfastened while walking. The smooth and adjustable elastic makes it easy to sit or recline without concerns about ripping the garment or having leaks occur. This adult underwear is suitable for urinary, bowel and stress incontinence that both female and male adults experience.

This is a Pull-On Incontinence Undergarment 

While some incontinence garments cause chafing or rashes due to rubbing on sensitive skin tissue, the Sure Care unisex protective underwear with moderate absorbency has a soft cloth-like feeling. Engineers have designed this garment with a gel absorbent core material that keeps moisture away from skin tissue to help prevent skin problems. This is a pull-on style of incontinence garment, but it is also easy to tear away at the sides in an emergency, making it a suitable product for individuals with caregivers. This incontinence undergarment arrives in protective plastic wrappers and is available by the case to make shopping easier and more discreet.