Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Staying Leakage Free with Prevail Nu-Fit Adult Diapers with Heavy Absorbency

Wearing adult diapers is often a medical choice, but sometimes it can be a personal preference. Adults suffering from various medical conditions will wear diapers because they are incapable of controlling their bladder or bowel movements; however, some people wear the soft-cloth briefs for convenience. Regardless of why a person wears adult diapers, they will need to choose a brand that works, and allows them to remain leakage free.

Main Objective

The main objective associated with wearing adult diapers is to receive protection that one cannot receive by wearing regular protective underwear. A good adult diaper will not only provide individuals with protection throughout the day, by at night as well. Prev ail Nu-fit Adult Diapers with heavy absorbency is great for daytime or overnight usage. The skin of adults is not compromised, even by wearing the diaper throughout the night. There is a Quick Wick feature that keeps adults dry, while absorbing the moisture. The adult diaper will not only contain urine, but it can contain fecal matter as well.

Finding The Right Size
Each person is different, in terms of size, which is why Prevail Nu-fit Adult Diapers are offered in a variety of sizes. The heavy absorbent diapers are currently available in:

• X-Large (Waist and Hip 59” – 64”)
• Large (Waist and Hip 45” – 58”)
• Medium (Waist and Hip 32” – 44”)

Regardless of what size a person needs, there is a wetness indicator on all of the available sizes. In order for the product to truly provide adults with every benefit possible, it must be purchased according to a person’s true waist and hip size. This makes it easy for the air to flow exactly where it is needed the most. In cases where a person may be in-between sizes, she can use the built-in front panel refasten zone to adjust the diaper; the grips make adjusting easy and quick to do.

Benefits of Adult Diapers

Wearing adult diapers has many benefits. Most of those benefits will only truly be recognized once an individual has worn the diaper himself. Some of the most common benefits that all adults receive from wearing Prevail Nu-fit adult diapers include:

• Completely harmless
• True comfort
• Relaxing
• Safeness (A sense of security)
• Extremely effective and convenient

Regardless of why an adult wears Prevail Nu-fit diapers, they can sleep in any position, day and night, without leakage or irritability. 


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