Monday, April 27, 2015

3 Benefits of Extra Absorbent TENA Protective Adult Underwear

People who experience unexpected leaks from time to time or even frequently should know they are not alone. Incontinence affects 25 million Americans and 200 million people worldwide. It can affect both men and women. It is estimated that one in three women experience times of unexpected leaks. Coughing, sneezing and laughing can trigger a leak and sometimes people have sudden urges to urinate, likely due to an overactive bladder. Incontinence can lead to avoidance of socialization, which can in turn lead to depression and loneliness. Thanks to Extra Absorbent TENA Protective Adult Underwear, this does not need to happen. There are many benefits to using TENA Protective Adult Underwear.

Unparalleled Protection 

The Unique TENA InstaDri Skin Caring system keeps the skin dry and works to prevent irritation and the development of rashes. Wetness rapidly soaks into the core of the underwear and is kept away from the skin, even when one is sitting, moving, or lying down. This is an important feature of Extra Absorbent TENA Protective Adult Underwear . Wetness that is allowed to be in contact with the skin for an extended period of time can cause irritation, such as itching, burning, and rashes.

Thin and Discreet 

TENA adult underwear is very reliable and effective at absorbing leaks, but is also thin and discreet. In fact, it fits just like regular underwear. One does not need to worry about the underwear being detected by outside observers as it is not bulky and obvious.

Dignity Maintained 

TENA adult underwear ensures that the user will not have embarrassing leaks that are visible to other people. This can help a person feel comfortable in socializing in his or her regular way without having to worry about having an accident. This fact paired with the fact that TENA underwear is thin and discreet can help a person maintain his or her dignity.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

How to Use Depend Silhouette Brief for Women

The Depend Silhouette Brief for Women is a product that is much like regular underwear, although it has the additional benefit of absorbing moisture and leaks due to problems such as incontinence. They are quite easy to use. All that an individual would have to do is put the brief on as she would put on any regular type of underwear and put her clothes on over it as she normally would. Then, she can simply go about her day, free of the worry that there will be any leaks that go through her clothes and cause her embarrassment.

These briefs come with a slim side profile, which will ensure that the person who is wearing them can be discreet about it. They are potent in providing protection against leaks while also being invisible under regular clothing. There are also leg elastics that go all the way around each leg that provide additional assurance that the wearer of these briefs will not have to worry about leaks that become visible through clothing. Additionally, there is a finished feminine elastic waistband so that the individual who is wearing these briefs does not have to worry about them coming off at any point. They will be secure at the waist, as well as around the tops of the legs. There is also worry-free odor protection so that the woman who is wearing these briefs does not have to worry about any embarrassing odors due to incontinence. Essentially, the person who is wearing these briefs will not have to worry about anyone sensing or finding out about any problems related to incontinence.

The Depend Silhouette Brief for Women is disposable, so a woman can simply wear a pair until they have served their purpose and then dispose of them. She can then take another pair out of the package and replace the original one with the new pair of briefs. It is quite simple, and because the briefs are so thin, they can easily be taken in a bag for a woman who has places to go, without being noticed by other people.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why should I spend a little extra money on overnight adult underwear?

For those who have a problem with incontinence, it is comforting to know that overnight adult underwear is being regularly improved to make life better for the people who have the need to wear such a garment.

Why is it worth it to pay a little more for the newest version of the highly absorbent nighttime or extended wear pull-on disposable underwear? Not only has the absorbency been improved, but, in doing so, it means that the wearer does not have to change the underwear nearly as often. It makes sense that far fewer changes mean less money having to be spent. In the long run, the better quality actually SAVES money by less number of the product being needed in order to absorb the urine volume of up to well over a quart.

The additional protection throughout the long nights is a much-desired feature. Add to that specially designed tear-away sides that mean easy and quick removal when morning comes as well as a full-rise waist panel that is more comfortable. A leg cuff and leg elastics to protect against leakage, a type of breathable high-tech fabric that keeps the skin dry, and other outstanding features make these undergarments a real blessing.

Available in many sizes, the wearer can find exactly what the body requires for a secure and snug fit. A cloth-like outer backing ensures discretion and security. An additional asset is being able to absorb and stop odors with an inner material that neutralizes urine pH and prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria and thus eliminates bad smells while also protecting the skin.

If overnight adult underwear is necessary for your life or in the life of a loved one, check into all the advantages mentioned above and make the right choice to aid in a good night's sleep.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Benefits of Using Mens Incontinence Liners

Urinal incontinence refers to the unconscious leakage of urine. Although the disease is common in elderly people, it can strike at any age and affects people of all genders. When urinal incontinence strikes men of all ages, the affected person may suffer psychological trauma. The lives of people with urinal incontinence are adversely affected because they have to rely on medicine or surgery to manage the disease. A person experiencing unconscious urine leakage may benefit if the disease is diagnosed early enough. Till then, incontinence liners are the most practical solution.

Why Use Mens Incontinence Liners?

Enjoy a worry-free life: Urinal incontinence can hold back a man’s social life because he will constantly worry about leaks and odors. There are fears about the embarrassing situations that may arise when watching a football game, playing golf, walking along the streets or relaxing with friends at home. Using incontinence products for men that are specially designed to fit into the male anatomy can provide a viable solution.

Manage unpredictable urine leaks: Urine incontinence is unpredictable. The urine leaks whether in small or large amounts always wet clothing, causing discomfort and creating damp spots. The affected person should use men's incontinence liners as protection against the rapid absorption of urine on clothes.

Enjoy free body movements: The male sex organs tend to move every time a man takes a walk. Men experiencing urine leaks need to look for fitting incontinence products that allow for natural movements.

Avoid sudden change of clothes: It can never be always possible to change clothes when urine leaks occur. Incontinence Liners are crucial to people who often wet themselves as the products will prevent the urine from reaching the skin.

Enjoy days out with confidence: When a man diagnosed with incontinence goes out, he will need protection products that help maintain his dignity. It is quite embarrassing to feel urine leaks when enjoying meals in a restaurant or happily chatting with neighbors. Incontinence underwear products for men are of much help whether the victim is experiencing light, moderate or heavy urine leakages.

Manage incontinence patients: The elderly men with urine incontinence may be under the care of family members or hospital staffs. The easiest way to care for the men is to get incontinence protection that is worn regular underwear. The main advantage of incontinence liners is that they make men feel confident, free and need not rely on caregivers.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting Your Life Back with TENA Women Protective Underwear

No one should ever feel ashamed if she suffers from a medical condition, but there is nothing more humiliating than losing bladder control. Millions of people have experienced some form of incontinence with women twice as likely to be affected. From a small discharge of urine to full-blown bladder release, this problem can prove a minor annoyance or severely limiting. Even for those who suffer most, TENA Women Protective Underwear provides a discreet and reliable solution.

With an inner designed core that increases absorbency, TENA Underwear allows women with moderate to heavy incontinence to feel secure no matter their situation. Because the product is form fitting, it maintains the look and feel of regular underwear. Whether enjoying time with family, out on a date or getting through an entire meeting at work, this extremely personal matter can remain entirely private.

While there may be no visible signs, the scent of urine is distinct. A woman does not want to feel vulnerable to that revealing smell or rush to the shower every single time she loses bladder control. TENA Women Protective Underwear comes with advanced odor protection, so she can relax and rest assured.

Prolonged exposure of the skin to moisture may cause a rash or itching. This is especially distressing for intimate areas of the body. No woman wants to call attention to her privates by shifting in her seat or scratching between her legs. Women in assisted living or who rely on a caregiver may have heightened concerns about infection. TENA has designed their underwear to lock in moisture and keep the skin dry, minimizing the occurrence of irritation.

From the young athlete who has sustained a sports injury to a recent mother still recovering from birth or a mature woman who develops a common bladder ailment, anyone can experience incontinence. There is absolutely no reason why it has to stop your life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 Favorite Products for night time incontinence

As a growing number of Americans are living to a ripe old age, nighttime incontinence has become more commonplace. Often it's simply age-related. It can also be caused by a range of medical conditions. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent products people can use to make being incontinent at night less of a problem for sufferers and caregivers.

Absorbent Undergarments 

One of the simplest ways to help people who suffer from incontinence at night stay dry and protect their sensitive skin is to use absorbent undergarments. Disposable adult undergarments come in a variety of styles and thicknesses. Some are designed specifically for men or women. They enable incontinent people to stay dry at night even if they've had an 'accident'.

Waterproof Sheets

Waking up with urine soaked sheets can be a major hassle. It usually forces people to wash lots of them every week. Waterproof sheets keep moisture from penetrating the mattress and can be wiped clean and reused when soiled saving time, money, and energy.

Vinyl Mattress Covers

This product is excellent for protecting mattresses. It also eliminates the need for daily drying and clean the beds used by people with nighttime incontinence. They fit snugly over the mattress, are easy to use, and cleaning them is a breeze.

Bed pads

Bed pads also make it easier to keep the beds of incontinent people clean and dry. They provide an absorbent barrier which protects the mattress from moisture and can prolong its life. Plus they come in washable and disposable styles. In essence, they are flat, absorbent incontinence pads which are placed at waist height on the bed.


Wipes can play a crucial role in keeping people suffering from incontinence clean and protecting their skin. Wipes are excellent for removing fecal matter and urine and protecting and improving the skin of incontinence suffers. They're easy to use, disposable, and inexpensive. Some brands of wipes are infused with creams or ointments which can sooth rashes and other minor skin conditions caused by incontinence and provide a barrier which prevents bodily wastes from damaging the skin.

Friday, April 10, 2015

How to Use Waterproof Underwear for Adults

Anyone who has a problem with incontinence, due to a medical condition or just advanced age, knows that it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing to deal with. However, there is a solution for individuals who have to deal with this issue. There is waterproof underwear for adults that can easily be purchased from many different sources.

This type of underwear fits individuals in a very similar fashion to traditional underwear. Individuals can pull them on just as they would pull on regular underwear. They have elastic waistbands that are designed for the most comfort possible, while also conferring protection against incontinence, at the level of leaks, as well as incontinence that is moderate to heavy. The majority of people who deal with overactive bladders or some form of incontinence choose to wear adult protective underwear in lieu of adult incontinence briefs. This product is great for people who want to maintain somewhat active lifestyles, as it will allow them to do just that.

It is quite easy to figure out what size an individual will need when it comes to adult protective underwear. All the person will need to do is measure his or her waist. Brands of this type of underwear will have size charts that are based on the circumference of the individual's waist.

The type of underwear the person will be getting will depend on the level of absorbency that he or she needs. This will depend on whether the urinary flow based on the incontinence is light, moderate or heavy. Light incontinence entails occasional leakage that happens in certain situations, such as having a full bladder, light lifting, or bursts of laughter. Moderate incontinence involves an occasional moderate urine flow and dribbling that happens on a somewhat regular basis. Heavy incontinence means little to no control over bladder function. These individuals would need constant containment and leakage protection to help deal with a heavy urine flow.

Waterproof underwear for adults can be very helpful for anyone who wants to deal with their incontinence effectively and get their life back. It can truly make a difference.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Buy Adult Protective Underwear for Aging Parents

How to Buy Adult Protective Underwear for Aging Parents

What is the difference between adult briefs and adult underwear?

Adult briefs are shaped like a traditional diaper. They are made of extra absorbent material and are built for people who have limited or no mobility. They are adjustable in that they have adhesive tabs on the sides that make the brief easy for a caregiver to take off and put on. The waist size and fit around the legs can also be slightly altered depending on where the tabs are placed.

If your aging parent is still mobile but still has problems with incontinence, you will want to choose adult protective underwear for their needs. This type of disposable underwear is designed to fit more like regular underwear. They are slid off and on just like panties or boxers are. This special underwear is comfortable and looks like regular underwear while protecting the adult with bladder control issues. Adult underwear has specially made elastic at the waistband and legs to prevent leakage.

What Features Should I look for in Adult Underwear?

Most active adults with incontinence prefer adult underwear to wearing briefs. There are many types of underwear from which to choose. One of the first choices to make is the level of absorbency needed. Your choices for absorbency levels include light, moderate and maximum absorbency. Light or moderate absorbency might be just fine for protection during the day. For extra protection during the night choose maximum absorbency adult underwear.

Adult underwear is sometimes backed with a cloth-like material. Nearly all adult disposable underwear has tear-away sides for easy removal. Some adult underwear is unisex while other designs are built specifically for extra protection built in for women or men. Adult underwear is also made in a large variety of sizes for everyone from the smallest lady to the largest man. Choose the right size for your parent by their waist size.

Monday, April 6, 2015

3 Benefits of Using Tranquility Disposable Briefs

Tranquility Premium Disposable briefs are the ideal choice for your adult protective underwear needs. Tranquility Disposable Briefs have the reputation of being one of the highest quality disposable briefs available for purchase today. There are many reasons to choose this brief, but here are three of the most important reasons

Built to Absorb

Tranquility Disposable Briefs are built to absorb larger amounts of fluids, which makes them perfect for overnight use. The Overnight briefs have an astonishing fluid capacity of 34 ounces. These adult briefs also have a leg cuff for leak protection. This should keep most people from having accidents during the night and keeping the wearer's bed clean and more sanitary.

Built for Comfort

Tranquility overnight disposable briefs are built for comfort. The super absorbent material keeps the wearer drier, too, and prevents accidents. The briefs come in a wide variety of sizes so they fit appropriately and are more comfortable for the wearer. Tabs allow the waist of the brief to be adjustable, fit more comfortably, and prevent leaks. Plus, there is no latex on a Tranquility brief to cause irritation and skin damage. Protecting our clients’ skin is our primary concern. A good, comfortable fit will provide excellent incontinence and skin protection as well. Tranquility provides the comfort and fit needed to protect.

Built for Value

If you are using less absorbent briefs you may be spending less per package, but need to buy more briefs in the long run. You will end up spending more money on cheaper briefs because you have to change them more often. Because Tranquility Overnight briefs are super absorbent, you will need to change them less frequently. You will spend less money in the long run buying a better quality brief. Plus, if you buy a more absorbent brief you will not have to do as much laundry due to accidents.