Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Buy Adult Protective Underwear for Aging Parents

How to Buy Adult Protective Underwear for Aging Parents

What is the difference between adult briefs and adult underwear?

Adult briefs are shaped like a traditional diaper. They are made of extra absorbent material and are built for people who have limited or no mobility. They are adjustable in that they have adhesive tabs on the sides that make the brief easy for a caregiver to take off and put on. The waist size and fit around the legs can also be slightly altered depending on where the tabs are placed.

If your aging parent is still mobile but still has problems with incontinence, you will want to choose adult protective underwear for their needs. This type of disposable underwear is designed to fit more like regular underwear. They are slid off and on just like panties or boxers are. This special underwear is comfortable and looks like regular underwear while protecting the adult with bladder control issues. Adult underwear has specially made elastic at the waistband and legs to prevent leakage.

What Features Should I look for in Adult Underwear?

Most active adults with incontinence prefer adult underwear to wearing briefs. There are many types of underwear from which to choose. One of the first choices to make is the level of absorbency needed. Your choices for absorbency levels include light, moderate and maximum absorbency. Light or moderate absorbency might be just fine for protection during the day. For extra protection during the night choose maximum absorbency adult underwear.

Adult underwear is sometimes backed with a cloth-like material. Nearly all adult disposable underwear has tear-away sides for easy removal. Some adult underwear is unisex while other designs are built specifically for extra protection built in for women or men. Adult underwear is also made in a large variety of sizes for everyone from the smallest lady to the largest man. Choose the right size for your parent by their waist size.


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