Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When Should You Buy Adult Disposable Underwear?

For many people, incontinence is an inconvenient part of life. In fact, it's estimated that approximately 25 million American adults struggle with incontinence at some point. This is a problem with many possible causes. However, regardless of the cause, it's important to use protection to avoid embarrassing accidents and messes. Here are some situations when you should buy adult disposable underwear.

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence causes the bladder to leak urine during physical activity. Unfortunately, it's not just intense exercise that causes this. For many people, especially women, it can occur when sneezing, laughing, coughing or lifting heavy objects. If you're prone to stress incontinence, buying protective underwear can help you worry less about accidents.


Until it happens to them, most expectant mothers don't realize that childbirth can cause incontinence issues. This is a form of stress incontinence, but it's caused instead by the weight of the growing baby overstretching the ligaments and other tissues in the pelvic region, impairing function of the muscles there. This condition can last for several months after giving birth.

After Surgery

After certain surgeries, usually those performed on or near the pelvic area, patients may experience incontinence. This may be the temporary result of nerve inflammation, muscle weakness or other factors that typically resolve on their own. However, in the case of some surgeries, like those for prostate or bowel removal, it may be permanent.

Overactive Bladder

Researchers don't fully understand the causes of overactive bladder (OAB), but the condition is believed to affect roughly 33 million American adults, most of whom are women. It's characterized by urinary frequency and urgency, and accidents can result if the person doesn't have constant bathroom access. For these people, adult protective underwear is ideal.

Incontinence is never a pleasant condition to live with, but it doesn't have to create serious problems in your everyday life. By purchasing adult disposable underwear, you can go about your days with less worry and greater ease.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Choosing the Right Waterproof Underwear for Adults

Health problems that happen for different reasons can lead to incontinence in men and women as they age. Wearing waterproof underwear for adults can help with this problem. These kinds of underwear are designed to be highly absorptive, light and disposable.

Besides choosing between protective underwear designed for either men or women, there is the choice between those worn beneath underwear and those that are worn instead of it. They are also designed with different absorbency levels and to also help with urinary and/or bowel related incontinence.

Levels of Absorbency
The levels of absorbency to choose from include light, moderate and heavy. Light incontinence levels are for those who experience light leakage when the bladder is full and while lifting heavy objects, sneezing or laughing. Moderate incontinence levels are for those who experience moderate leakage regularly and need constant protection. Heavy incontinence levels are for those with heavy urine leakage and with no control of their bladders.

Choosing the Right Size
The first step in identifying the correct size for the individual is to measure the waist. There are measurement charts available on all waterproof underwear for adults, usually located on the side of the packaging. Then the waste size should be matched to the corresponding size range the measurement falls into.

Common Incontinence Products
Protective underwear for adults come in a variety of forms designed to fit lifestyle differences and wearability needs.

  • Disposable briefs are the most common form of protective undergarments. These are very flexible and feature elastic waistbands that make them easy to pull on and off. Reusable kinds are also available.
  • Overnight diapers are of high absorbency levels. These are designed to be worn through the night without waking the wearer or wetting bed sheets.
  • Incontinence pads are worn underneath regular underwear and have adhering strips. Wearing these inside disposable or reusable underwear provides more surety.
  • Belted undergarments are absorbent pads that are attached to straps or belts that keep it in place. They provide the same level of protection as the rest and can be worn with regular underwear over it or with incontinence underwear for even more protection.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Adult Pull Up Diaper Is Right For My Needs?

When dealing with bladder leakage, choosing the right adult pull up diapers is one of the most important things that you can do to gain assured comfort. These products are perfect for moderately active adults who suffer from incontinence and who are capable of using incontinence protection on their own. Unlike traditional adult diapers, pull up diapers do not feature adhesive strips or require the user to lie prone when putting them on. These products can simply be pulled on and off as necessary.

What To Look For

One of the most important features to look for when choosing these products is a comfortable, fitted waistband that is comprised of flexible elastic. This will keep the diapers firmly in place while allowing you to move freely. It is also a good idea to search for a diaper shape that will feel comfortable beneath your clothes and give you the greatest amount of confidence. Buyers can choose from diapers that are shaped like boxers and diapers that are shaped like traditional briefs.

Getting A Good Fit

It's best to start this process by measuring your waist. Some products are sold in small, medium and large sizes while others are sold according to the user's weight. Searching for a product that includes a size chart that is broken down according to waist measurements will give you the best chance of obtaining a comfortable and seamless fit.

Optimal Absorbency

The thickness of adult pull up diapers and their absorbency go hand in hand. Products that are highly absorbent will often be far thicker than those that are designed for light or moderate bladder leakage. Those with no bladder control and a need for constant leakage protection should purchase products with extra absorbency. Conversely, adults with occasional leakage can look for thinner and more lightweight designs.

Odor Protection

Odor protection is also a key factor to consider, particularly for adults with minimal bladder control and near-constant leakage. Thus, when reading product reviews, it is a good idea to see how effective a product is at controlling or muting smells and drawing moisture away from the skin. The best options will not only keep people dry, but they will also keep adults fresh-smelling and comfortable all throughout the day.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Adult Disposable Underwear

Similar to adult briefs, but without the Velcro or tape fasteners, pull-on adult disposable underwear offer freedom to those with special urinary needs. They are easy to put on and remove and are ideal for those who are sufficiently ambulatory to use the restroom without help. They fit similarly to traditional undergarments and afford the user the comforting familiarity of fabric undergarments.

Compare to Full Sized Adult Diapers
While they are not as absorbent as full-sized adult diapers, they are easier to move in, do not appear bulky through the fabric of the pants or other outer garments. Some brands claim to be as absorbent as a full adult diaper, but it is important to remember that a general rule is that sanitary undergarments are only as absorbent as their thickness suggests.

Suggestions for Use
Disposable underwear should fit snugly at the waist and legs without pinching. Those with delicate or fragile skin conditions should take special care to avoid pinching or chaffing. This is especially important in areas where infection can be problematic. Some brands may use an elasticized crotch to alleviate problems in this area. These will have to be well fitted to the individual. Other brands incorporate inner-leg cuffs extending down the leg as in brief-style undergarments. These are considered among the most reliable.

To determine the right sizing of the disposable undergarment, simply measure the waste of the user as you would normally do. All of the reputable manufacturers of disposable undergarments use a regulated sizing-chart that highlight size ranges in inches. Remember, that as with traditional garments, the size charts of different brands are not the same.

Adult disposable undergarments tend to have a light-to-moderate absorbency rating. They can accommodate small to medium instances of incontinence. It is for this reason that they are recommended for infrequent or brief durations of use.

For Elder and Disabled-Person's Use
Disposable briefs are an excellent way for senors and persons with disability-related conditions to retain the dignity they deserve as their health needs change.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Waterproof Underwear for Adults

Many men and women reach a certain age and have trouble with incontinence. This is not a problem to be embarrassed about. People experience incontinence for various reasons. For example, it is common to have issues with incontinence when you get into your 50s, 60s and 70s. But other people can have these troubles at other stages in there lives as well. For example, many women have trouble with leakage directly after they have children. To deal with these issues, waterproof underwear for adults are recommended by healthcare professionals.

Where can I buy waterproof underwear?

Waterproof underwear for adults are available at drug stores, some grocery stores and in most general product stores. But you can also find this type of underwear online. In fact, many people who struggle with incontinence prefer to buy their adult underwear online. It gives them a greater sense of anonymity and may not be as uncomfortable as buying these items in brick and mortar stores.

What product options are available to me for waterproof underwear?

There are many options available to you in terms of adult underwear. For example, you should look for adult underwear that is made for your own gender. Because men and women have different bodies, it makes sense that their underwear should look and feel differently as well. Women have specialty underwear styles that help them fit comfortably even when they are wearing tight fitting clothing. Men have their own fits and styles of underwear as well.

What kind of protection can I expect from adult underwear?

You can also get different levels of protection for your underwear. For example, if you just need light protection, there are underwear styles that are slim and don’t take up much room. But there are other products with more protection as well.

Again, go online to peruse the difference types of underwear that are available to you before making your final purchase. Not only will you feel more comfortable buying these items online, but you will also be able to shop around for the most suitable products and get the best prices. Buying in bulk is also an option online.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear

There is more than one way to ensure a good night’s sleep, and if you are one of over 26 million adults who experiences incontinence, making sure you have the best protection at night is as important as the kind of pillow you use or how many hours of sleep you require to feel your best. With tranquility overnight premium underwear you can can go to sleep – and stay asleep – secure in the knowledge that you have the best protection you can get against any leaks or problems during the night.

This pull-on adult underwear (sometimes called adult diapers) is designed to keep your skin dry and provide the maximum capacity for fluid absorption; using their own patented Peach Mat construction of absorbent polymers, Tranquility is designed to provide you with the highest level of absorbancy and protection. 

Tear-away sides make it easy to remove them in the morning, while a tall, full-rise waist panel adds comfort and security while it also provides a very well-proportioned fit. Made of breathably soft fabric that allows air to get to your skin and reduces any odor, the tranquility overnight premium underwear also has blue elastic leg bands for added security and inner leg cuffs that channel body fluids into the absorbent core. Tranquility is latex-free and comes in a wide variety of sizes from extra small to extra-extra large, so there is a comfortable fit for everyone.

Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear is simply the best solution to nighttime incontinence that you can buy. Absorbency, comfort, and the high-retention of fluid all add up to a choice that is perfect for adults dealing with this problem. And there is nothing better than the security of knowing that you will wake up in the morning dry and fresh to add to your list of things you don’t worry about when you are trying to fall asleep.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What Is Adult Plastic Underwear

Adult plastic underwear provides protection from leakage secondary to incontinence while providing the consumer with a maximum level of comfort and durability. As urine is emptied into the diaper, the cloth-like design quickly wicks liquid away from the skin, assuring that sensitive genitalia remain dry and free of rashes or burning irritation. The elastic waistband and areas around the legs eliminate the visibility of the product through external clothing, and unlike plastic variations, the cloth-like design remains silent as the user moves about so that the wearer is assured the utmost discretion.

Other brands of incontinence protection manufacture adult underwear that can only be adjusted a few times at best before the tabs lose their ability to adhere to the material and stay in place. Instead, the tabs lose their sticky quality and the diaper won't close. The product will then fall off, become twisted, or move about on the wearer, leading to the wasteful need to discard of it before it has been used. However, the innovative technology of adjustable tabs allows an incontinence garment to affix in various positions on the underwear repeatedly without losing its ability to grip and stay in place, thus assuring that the underwear stays discreetly in place during normal physical activities throughout the day, including sitting, walking, dancing, or exercising, as well as offering nighttime protection while the wearer sleeps.

Combined with the absorbent components of the underwear, this versatility protects against the potential embarrassment of leaks while locking the urine into the absorbent protective foundation garment. Since the product allows for multiple adjustments, unnecessary changes throughout the day are eliminated, saving time and money. Odor is not an issue either because of the special odor guard technology that traps embarrassing odors inside the product while still allowing air to circulate within the confines of the briefs.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tips For Controlling Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common problem found more often in the elder population. An uncontrollable bladder can cause embarrassing accidents for people with this problem. Weak and overactive bladder muscles are usually to blame. Even though this problem can happen to anyone at any age, it is more common in older people. An enlarged prostate in men may cause blockage and urinary incontinence. Some diseases make it difficult to get to the bathroom such as arthritis.

Visit your doctor if you suspect you have urinary incontinence. You will receive a physical examination that includes notation of your medical history. Let your doctor know about your symptoms and if you are on medication. Your doctor will likely order blood and urine tests that reveal how well your bladder empties. Your doctor may refer you to an urologist who specializes in problems of the urinary tract. Tranquility Slimline disposable briefs can keep embarrassing situations from occurring. 

There are four main types of urinary incontinence. A weak bladder may cause stress incontinence to occur if you laugh, sneeze, exercise or cough. Younger and post-menopausal women commonly experience this type of incontinence. A sudden need to urinate without enough time to reach the restroom can be caused by diabetes, stroke, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease.

Diabetes and spinal cord injuries often cause overflow incontinence where a small leakage of urine occurs. People who have functional incontinence have no problems with bladder control, but their disease or condition makes it hard to move fast enough to reach the restroom.

Treatment includes biofeedback therapy, lifestyle changes, pelvic muscle exercises and timed urination. Biofeedback therapy treatment uses sensors to help you control bladder muscles making you aware of signals from your body. Lifestyle changes include drinking less alcohol, losing weight or refraining from lifting heavy objects.

Pelvic muscle exercises help you gain bladder control by performing Kegel exercises. Timed urination is effective if combined with pelvic muscle exercises and biofeedback therapy. It works by extending the time between restroom trips. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for fast relief from urinary incontinence and embarrassing situations out in public.

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Look at Surecare Protective Underwear

SureCare Protective Underwear Extra Heavy Absorbency has a lot of benefits to offer the person who needs extra protection in an adult protective undergarment. This protective undergarment has been designed to give wearers the utmost absorbency to keep them dry even when the heaviest flow happens. This is the perfect adult undergarment for people who need an undergarment that is able to absorb a lot of liquid between trips to the bathroom.

There are a lot of benefits that this high level of absorbency provides. Most important, wearing SureCare Protective Underwear Extra Heavy Absorbency gives the person wearing it a high level of confidence. For those who have been living in fear of leaving the house lest they have an accident, putting on these ultra-absorbent undergarments is a revelation. It can give even the heaviest wetters the confidence they need to get back out in society to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Another benefit of this highly absorbent adult undergarment is that it helps to prevent the rashes and skin discomfort hat many people associate with wearing adult undergarments. The beautiful feeling of healthy skin that wearing these provides is invaluable.

Wearing an ultra-absorbent undergarment like this also allows people to enjoy being active as long as possible. Instead of having to rush home after every accident, the absorbency of this technology will allow wearers to go several hours between changes. This time between changes is also enhanced by the odor-blocking technology of these garments. The odor-blocking effect is designed to stop odors in their tracks before they can start.

The comfort level that this protective underwear offers is amazing. They come with a super soft lining that is cloth-like in the comfort it offers. It comes with an elastic waistband that gives a great fit with a high level of comfort. There is also an elastic leg that ensures a tight fit that will prevent leakage.

This is the undergarment that adults turns to when they want highest level of protection and comfort. The high-tech design and emphasis on comfort it provides makes staying dry a beautiful experience.