Sunday, March 29, 2015

Choosing the Right Waterproof Underwear for Adults

Health problems that happen for different reasons can lead to incontinence in men and women as they age. Wearing waterproof underwear for adults can help with this problem. These kinds of underwear are designed to be highly absorptive, light and disposable.

Besides choosing between protective underwear designed for either men or women, there is the choice between those worn beneath underwear and those that are worn instead of it. They are also designed with different absorbency levels and to also help with urinary and/or bowel related incontinence.

Levels of Absorbency
The levels of absorbency to choose from include light, moderate and heavy. Light incontinence levels are for those who experience light leakage when the bladder is full and while lifting heavy objects, sneezing or laughing. Moderate incontinence levels are for those who experience moderate leakage regularly and need constant protection. Heavy incontinence levels are for those with heavy urine leakage and with no control of their bladders.

Choosing the Right Size
The first step in identifying the correct size for the individual is to measure the waist. There are measurement charts available on all waterproof underwear for adults, usually located on the side of the packaging. Then the waste size should be matched to the corresponding size range the measurement falls into.

Common Incontinence Products
Protective underwear for adults come in a variety of forms designed to fit lifestyle differences and wearability needs.

  • Disposable briefs are the most common form of protective undergarments. These are very flexible and feature elastic waistbands that make them easy to pull on and off. Reusable kinds are also available.
  • Overnight diapers are of high absorbency levels. These are designed to be worn through the night without waking the wearer or wetting bed sheets.
  • Incontinence pads are worn underneath regular underwear and have adhering strips. Wearing these inside disposable or reusable underwear provides more surety.
  • Belted undergarments are absorbent pads that are attached to straps or belts that keep it in place. They provide the same level of protection as the rest and can be worn with regular underwear over it or with incontinence underwear for even more protection.


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