Friday, February 27, 2015

About Tena Protective Underwear

Incontinence suffers no firsthand know just how uncomfortable it can be in certain situations. Simply being at business events or family functions can be a challenge. Being at a beach or a formal function can be extremely uncomfortable. Tena protective underwear helps people in these situations remain comfortable.

Designed for comfort

Pull-on-style underwear provides the same comfort of traditional underwear but with better protection. The snug fit securely attaches to the body snugly without forming an abnormal crease. The underwear doesn’t have an inflated or bunched appearance when worn, so people can be extremely comfortable as clothes are worn. The underwear isn’t visible in normal clothing. It never causes rustling or bunching due to creases in the underwear. TENA brand underwear is unlike most other styles of underwear, which makes it an option for different frames.

Maximum protection

Maximum protection is provided by specialized absorptive technologies. Engineered specifically for people with bladder weakness, individuals can be assured that moderate or major accidents. The material quickly pulls away the moisture from the skin, preventing it from ever irritating the skin. The high level of protection also limits redness from occurring. The elastic waist forms a comfortable fit that doesn’t make the person too uncomfortable.

Odor protection

Some underwear brands offer all of the protection without the odor control. Multiple layers of protection against absorption offer odor protection as well. The person can be assured that there will be no embarrassing moments that can happen at any time in a social setting. Combining dual protection against leakage and odors.
Off and on quickly

Great underwear allows for an active, normal lifestyle. The elastic waist band makes for easy removal. The tear-away seam gives you the option of removing the underwear without having to wriggle uncomfortably.

The TENA underwear offers excellent protection for those suffering with incontinence. The underwear can be discreetly worn without forming any unsightly creases. When worn, there is no uncomfortable rustling under the clothes. Simple, elastic waistline makes it easy to remove with effortlessly. One can remove them using the tear-away method or traditional approach. Women no longer have to worry about social gatherings or recreational activities where an unexpected accident or leak occurs.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Are Male Incontinence Guards?

Male incontinence problems can happen as a result of a prostate surgery. They can also happen as men begin to age. Men with condition need to enjoy peace of mind in knowing that they have full protection in the event of an accident. Male Incontinence Guards safeguard against issues like embarrassing leaks in public settings. 

Maximum absorption protection

Some people may require maximum protection for severe incontinence problems while other may have a mild problem. Male incontinence guards come with different levels of absorbency and varying levels of protection. Individuals who need the protection can choose from multiple absorption types based on the severity of their condition.

Maximum absorption performance

The incontinence guard technology contains a Dry Fast Core, absorption technology. Fast acting technology quickly catches and removes the leaks to keep wearers dry for hours. The individual can wear the underwear as any of the pair of underwear and know that their clothing is protecting.

A secure fit

Having a secure fit is incredibly important for those who wear incontinence guards. The design is engineered for the male frame, and it contains adhesive strips to keep them intact. The firm grip provides a little room in the waist are, but not too much, which permits a comfortable fit for regular men’s trousers.

Advantages of incontinence guards

Incontinence guards are just like regular clothing, so there isn’t much of an adjustment period for those new to incontinence guards. Superabsorbent protection shields against both odors and leakage. Men who have had prostate surgery can know that they are fully protected as they recover. Each guard can be carried discreetly and comes individually wrapped for busy men on the go. The outer fabric in the design prevents sound produced by friction as the person is waling. Fragrance-free, individuals don’t have to worry about irritation if they have sensitive skin.

Men deserve to feel confident. Incontinence guards available with men who require different levels of protection can appreciate knowing that they will be kept completely dry and comfortable if a minor accident happens. Shaped specifically for the male anatomy, men can expect the secure, snug fit they desire without all of the added, uncomfortable bulk.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Best Selling Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are ideal for people who are dealing with incontinence. They are also suitable for people who are suffering from many other ailments. For example, many physicians encourage their patients to wear adult diapers when they cannot control their bladder movements.

Adult diapers are manufactured by diaper companies around the globe. You can buy disposable adult diapers or cloth adult diapers. Many people prefer to wear disposable adult diapers because they are convenient and comfortable. Adult diapers are thrown away after being worn.

Here are several frequently asked questions about adult diapers:

How Do Adult Diapers Fit?

Adult incontinence diapers have flexible and sticky tabs on both sides. The tabs provide comfort. They are also designed for simple application. This feature makes it very easy for the caregiver or nurse to change the patient’s diaper.

How Can I Determine The Size of My Adult Brief?

You can determine the size of your adult brief by simply measuring the size of your waist. All adult briefs have a size chart that shows the size ranges in inches. Please keep in mind that the size chart for each brand is different.

What Do I Need to Know About The Level of Absorbency?

It is vital that you consider the level of absorbency when choosing an adult diaper. Your incontinence activity determines the type of adult brief you should wear. You should purchase a basic medium adult brief if you have light to medium incontinence. A super absorbent diaper will be more appropriate if you have severe continence. A super absorbent diaper provides maximum leakage protection.

What Brand Should I Consider Purchasing?

You should only consider buying the best selling adult diapers. The popularity of an adult brief shows that it is providing positive results. You can find the best selling adult diapers below.

Top Adult Briefs for Individuals With Light to Medium Incontinence

-Simplicity Adult Quilted Briefs

-Select Disposable Briefs

-Prevail Nu-Fit Extra Absorbent

Top Adult Briefs for Individuals With Moderate to Severe Incontinence

-Attends Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs

-Tranquility SlimLine Disposable Briefs

-Wings Plus Choice Quilted

Top Adult Brief for Individuals With Severe Incontinence

-Prevail PM

-Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs

-Tranquility ATN

Adult diapers are perfect for anyone who is suffering from incontinence and many other ailments. There are different types of adult diapers being sold in the market. The information above can help you purchase adult briefs that are suitable for your situation.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

About Female Adult Underwear for Incontinence

Adult women who are suffering from incontinence do not have to live in worry and in stress anymore. This is all thanks to the existence of female adult underwear. These sturdy incontinence products are built specifically to trap urine leakage and other types of problems. While adult incontinence might be an awkward topic for some, it's not at all unusual. Many adult females rely on incontinence products that can help them successfully deal with bathroom control issues. Incontinence often is a result of medical ailments (both temporary and short-term).

Many online retailers sell vast selections of adult incontinence products. Shoppers who are looking for adult incontinence underwear can search for suitable options based on categories. Incontinence products are frequently divided up into convenient sections such as light protection, medium protection and heavy protection. If a person is dealing with a severe incontinence issue, then heavy protection might be the smartest option. If a person's incontinence is on the milder side, then medium protection might be appropriate. If a person only suffers from occasional subtle urine leakage, however, light protection products might be completely sufficient and effective.

People can also shop for incontinence products based on their own specific preferences and comfort requirements. Female incontinence underwear is often made in two styles: classic underwear and briefs. People can select incontinence products that suit their personal needs the best.

Incontinence underwear isn't the only solution for people who are living with problems managing their bathroom needs, either. Many online stores also sell convenient incontinence pads that are disposable. People who prefer disposable incontinence products often choose pads over underwear.

Many types of female adult underwear products are available for women with incontinence. Women can shop for adult incontinence underwear using their own requirements and preferences as guidelines. People who want underwear that has additional absorbency, for example, can often find products that are designed to provide just that. People who want incontinence underwear that fits well and accommodates the contours of their bodies can usually easily find good options, too. Many online retailers even sell overnight adult incontinence underwear that's disposable. Disposable adult underwear is convenient for people who don't want to have to put the product in the wash.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Benefits Of Switching To Bariatric Adult Briefs

Individuals with limited mobility as well as those who suffer from general incontinence issues can benefit greatly from the use of bariatric adult briefs. These products are designed to provide a snugger fit and increased protection for adults who weigh 300 pounds or more and who are not adequately accommodated by standard adult incontinence products. These larger-sized options ensure continued dryness while supplying enhanced odor protection.

Stretchy, Flexible Tabs Make These Briefs More Adaptable

Bariatric adult briefs can accommodate a much broader range of body types and sizes due to their larger than average sizes and their stretchy, flexible tabs. These adjustable closures make it possible for caretakers to achieve a secure, snug fit, even when using adult briefs on individuals with larger waistlines. Most products will accommodate up to a size XXX-large, while many standard briefs do not.

Maximum Absorbency

These larger products are also capable of holding a greater volume of liquids and fecal waste. Much like the flexible, adjustable tabs that these briefs include, this feature greatly limits the likelihood of leaks and other forms of spillage. More importantly, it keeps people dry, comfortable and odor-free for far longer. Having an adult brief of an appropriate size and with an optimal measure of absorbency can also limit skin irritation, skin infections and other dermal issues commonly associated with incontinence.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Using an adult brief that is sufficient in size for the individual can also be very cost-effective for caretakers. With fewer messes to clean up, fewer skin issues and a far higher level of overall efficacy, it is unlikely that caretakers will waste many of these products while putting them on. Broken tabs and tears at the waist or legs will not occur, given that the briefs will provide a reliable, comfortable and natural fit.

Odor Control

Large-sized patients can also feel better about themselves when incontinence products with superior odor control are used. A proper brief can even impact the overall caretaking atmosphere by preventing unpleasant smells and creating happy patients. For these and other reasons, making the change to bariatric briefs when appropriate, can be wholly beneficial to both patients and all others who share the environment.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Controlling Life's Little Accidents

Urinary incontinence or the loss of bladder control is a quite common problem that can be extremely embarrassing. It often ranges in severity. This condition can lead to a small or occasional leaks while coughing or sneezing. In some cases, the condition can cause one to feel the need to urinate with such intensity that making it to the bathroom proves to be impossible. However advanced your condition, there is a form of protection out there for you when it comes to addressing this issue. Disposable and reusable underpads can be purchased in order to protect your clothing and furniture while sparing you the embarrassment that comes with public complications involving urine.

These pads are manufactured by a variety of leading companies whose experience in the industry has allowed them to develop effective and competitive products. Attends has developed Dri-Sorb Pads that make use of absorbent polymers that offer users moderate protection. The combination of artificial fabrics and cellulose fibers allows it to absorb and retain moisture very quickly. These pads are designed for ultimate flexibility, ranging in sizes that fit beds, wheelchairs, and any other type of furniture. Covidien has developed an underpad that offers heavy absorbency for people suffering from this condition. The unique materials in place do not use a woven fabric. Additionally, it takes advantage of a strengthened core that provides immediate absorption. These pads are also disposable, reducing the energy and money that is spent on protection over time.

ReliaMed has developed a reusable underpad that has been nicknamed the “Bluepad.” This product is ideal for bed use, providing individuals with complete protection throughout the night. It is designed to use patented Ibex Quilted fabrics that have several unique characteristics. These advantages include a PVC backing, waterproof coverings, and non-slip capabilities. In terms of absorption, the pad has the ability to retain up to eight ounces of fluid. Each pad is sold individually and can be conveniently placed into any traditional washing machine for continued use. Other brands to develop superior incontinence underpads include TENA, Prevail, and Tranquility. Some of the innovations present in their products include air padding and adhesive linings.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Buying Adult Diapers

Although no senior citizen likes the idea, old age often comes with incontinence. When this day does come, there is no need for a senior citizen to live life being afraid of a public accident. Adult diapers are the answer to living life without constant worry.

Several elderly individuals believe that having to wear an adult diaper will be a belittling experience, but it does not have to be. Although an adult diaper can result in the feeling of being on the same level as an infant, adult brief diapers are the new form of comfort that offers less embarrassment.

A Fitting Alternative
Similar to the original diapers, adult diaper briefs use flexible tabs on both sides that offer a comfortable fit. The adult diaper brief is most often used with senior citizens who are bed ridden or have trouble controlling their bladder. It is best for individuals who live in a nursing home or at home with some form of caregiver that can assist them with changing the diaper briefs after an accident.

Judging Absorption
Several individuals often ask the question of how to know what absorbency they need? It is best that a senior citizen's main caregiver pay attention to how many accidents their patient has a day and how heavy they are. This will determine what absorption size needs to be purchased in order to keep a them safe from any leaks throughout the day.

Keeping the Spirits Up
One thing that every caretaker should keep in mind is that many senior citizens acquire a lot of embarrassment when they need to wear adult diapers or briefs. In order to reduce this feeling, caretakers should try and keep their patient's spirits up by reminding them that it is nothing to be ashamed of and that everyone will reach the day when they will need their own adult diaper.

Purchasing adult brief diapers in the store can make it difficult for caretakers or family members to spend their time caring for their elder loved one since they constantly have to worry about when to head out to the store. Make it easy, purchase online and mark one more worry off the list.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Using Prevail Boxers for Men

Prevail Boxers for Men are traditional boxer underwear that have many more features that average underwear. These boxers are revolutionary because they double as disposable incontinence underwear for adults. They fit naturally and feel like normal underwear, but they also have an absorbent core that protects the adult wearer in many areas.

Prevail Boxers for Men come in many different sizes and are measured by the waist and hip area for the best fit. They can come in cases or in packs, depending on the individual's needs. These boxers are great for men with an active lifestyle. They have a fitted appearance and they do not feel any different than normal underwear. But they also prevent the man from embarrassing leaks or odors. The skin will stay dry at all times and there will be no need to worry about irritation or rashes.

Prevail Boxers are made from a cloth-like material that sits against the skin. That is why they feel like normal underwear. They have an internal lining that is moisture proof, which prevents any accidental leaks from appearing on the outside while drawing the moisture away from the skin. They even have an odor guard technology to stop any odor before it becomes apparent to the wearer or anyone around him. These underwear are not only great for incontinence, but also for sweating during sporting events. The Quick Wick lining absorbs moisture the second it appears and locks it in before it soaks to the other side of the product.

There are many reasons a man might enjoy the prevail boxers, but it is important for any man to continue on with life feeling as good as possible. The natural look and feel to the boxers helps with that and the extra features aid with moisture and odor. The overall package is a complete pair of boxers that can fix incontinence and odor issues.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Attends Extra Absorbency Protective Underwear

Many people who suffer from adult incontinence find it a difficult subject to talk about. They may avoid outings with their friends and loved ones because they are afraid of having an accident in public. This can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Fortunately, Attends Extra Absorbency Protective Underwear provides the perfect solution. Designed to fit just like regular underwear, they allow the wearer to maintain an active lifestyle while providing protection from accidents. Its liquid retaining polymer and cellulose fibers provide the maximum amount of absorption for moderate to heavy wetting. This brings peace of mind so one can be free to enjoy their regular activities without worry.
Besides being reliable, Attends Extra Absorbency Protective Underwear are comfortable to wear. Extra thin layers guard against moisture leakage, yet the material is also breathable and cloth-like. This provides cool comfort for the wearer without risk of skin irritation. A stretch waistband allows a full range of motion for any activity and the inner leg cuffs offer full protection from leaks. The sides are made to tear away easily which makes removal and disposal a snap.
Some adults may feel awkward about wearing protective underwear, however, Attends are so discrete that the wearer can be sure that no one will ever know the difference. The cloth-like fabric and thin layers provide maximum protection without bulk, giving the appearance of regular underwear. They are available in a wide range of sizes and can be purchased in bulk quantities and online.
Today's seniors are enjoying more active lifestyles than ever before. No one should be a prisoner in their home as a result of adult incontinence. Attends Underwear allows those affected by it to enjoy all of their regular activities, from ballroom dancing to bowling, while providing absolute protection from accidents.