Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Are Male Incontinence Guards?

Male incontinence problems can happen as a result of a prostate surgery. They can also happen as men begin to age. Men with condition need to enjoy peace of mind in knowing that they have full protection in the event of an accident. Male Incontinence Guards safeguard against issues like embarrassing leaks in public settings. 

Maximum absorption protection

Some people may require maximum protection for severe incontinence problems while other may have a mild problem. Male incontinence guards come with different levels of absorbency and varying levels of protection. Individuals who need the protection can choose from multiple absorption types based on the severity of their condition.

Maximum absorption performance

The incontinence guard technology contains a Dry Fast Core, absorption technology. Fast acting technology quickly catches and removes the leaks to keep wearers dry for hours. The individual can wear the underwear as any of the pair of underwear and know that their clothing is protecting.

A secure fit

Having a secure fit is incredibly important for those who wear incontinence guards. The design is engineered for the male frame, and it contains adhesive strips to keep them intact. The firm grip provides a little room in the waist are, but not too much, which permits a comfortable fit for regular men’s trousers.

Advantages of incontinence guards

Incontinence guards are just like regular clothing, so there isn’t much of an adjustment period for those new to incontinence guards. Superabsorbent protection shields against both odors and leakage. Men who have had prostate surgery can know that they are fully protected as they recover. Each guard can be carried discreetly and comes individually wrapped for busy men on the go. The outer fabric in the design prevents sound produced by friction as the person is waling. Fragrance-free, individuals don’t have to worry about irritation if they have sensitive skin.

Men deserve to feel confident. Incontinence guards available with men who require different levels of protection can appreciate knowing that they will be kept completely dry and comfortable if a minor accident happens. Shaped specifically for the male anatomy, men can expect the secure, snug fit they desire without all of the added, uncomfortable bulk.


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