Monday, February 9, 2015

Controlling Life's Little Accidents

Urinary incontinence or the loss of bladder control is a quite common problem that can be extremely embarrassing. It often ranges in severity. This condition can lead to a small or occasional leaks while coughing or sneezing. In some cases, the condition can cause one to feel the need to urinate with such intensity that making it to the bathroom proves to be impossible. However advanced your condition, there is a form of protection out there for you when it comes to addressing this issue. Disposable and reusable underpads can be purchased in order to protect your clothing and furniture while sparing you the embarrassment that comes with public complications involving urine.

These pads are manufactured by a variety of leading companies whose experience in the industry has allowed them to develop effective and competitive products. Attends has developed Dri-Sorb Pads that make use of absorbent polymers that offer users moderate protection. The combination of artificial fabrics and cellulose fibers allows it to absorb and retain moisture very quickly. These pads are designed for ultimate flexibility, ranging in sizes that fit beds, wheelchairs, and any other type of furniture. Covidien has developed an underpad that offers heavy absorbency for people suffering from this condition. The unique materials in place do not use a woven fabric. Additionally, it takes advantage of a strengthened core that provides immediate absorption. These pads are also disposable, reducing the energy and money that is spent on protection over time.

ReliaMed has developed a reusable underpad that has been nicknamed the “Bluepad.” This product is ideal for bed use, providing individuals with complete protection throughout the night. It is designed to use patented Ibex Quilted fabrics that have several unique characteristics. These advantages include a PVC backing, waterproof coverings, and non-slip capabilities. In terms of absorption, the pad has the ability to retain up to eight ounces of fluid. Each pad is sold individually and can be conveniently placed into any traditional washing machine for continued use. Other brands to develop superior incontinence underpads include TENA, Prevail, and Tranquility. Some of the innovations present in their products include air padding and adhesive linings.


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