Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Benefits Of Switching To Bariatric Adult Briefs

Individuals with limited mobility as well as those who suffer from general incontinence issues can benefit greatly from the use of bariatric adult briefs. These products are designed to provide a snugger fit and increased protection for adults who weigh 300 pounds or more and who are not adequately accommodated by standard adult incontinence products. These larger-sized options ensure continued dryness while supplying enhanced odor protection.

Stretchy, Flexible Tabs Make These Briefs More Adaptable

Bariatric adult briefs can accommodate a much broader range of body types and sizes due to their larger than average sizes and their stretchy, flexible tabs. These adjustable closures make it possible for caretakers to achieve a secure, snug fit, even when using adult briefs on individuals with larger waistlines. Most products will accommodate up to a size XXX-large, while many standard briefs do not.

Maximum Absorbency

These larger products are also capable of holding a greater volume of liquids and fecal waste. Much like the flexible, adjustable tabs that these briefs include, this feature greatly limits the likelihood of leaks and other forms of spillage. More importantly, it keeps people dry, comfortable and odor-free for far longer. Having an adult brief of an appropriate size and with an optimal measure of absorbency can also limit skin irritation, skin infections and other dermal issues commonly associated with incontinence.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Using an adult brief that is sufficient in size for the individual can also be very cost-effective for caretakers. With fewer messes to clean up, fewer skin issues and a far higher level of overall efficacy, it is unlikely that caretakers will waste many of these products while putting them on. Broken tabs and tears at the waist or legs will not occur, given that the briefs will provide a reliable, comfortable and natural fit.

Odor Control

Large-sized patients can also feel better about themselves when incontinence products with superior odor control are used. A proper brief can even impact the overall caretaking atmosphere by preventing unpleasant smells and creating happy patients. For these and other reasons, making the change to bariatric briefs when appropriate, can be wholly beneficial to both patients and all others who share the environment.


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