Monday, June 29, 2015

Tips for Buying Poise Pads

As women, we sometimes feel awkward and embarrassed when buying personal care items. We shouldn’t feel that way because there’s nothing wrong with us. However, it starts with sanitary products, medicine for yeast infections and other feminine issues, and then later in life, it might include buying items like Poise Pads. Knowing the tips and tricks to buying these items will build our confidence as consumers.

The first thing to consider is a local retailer. A woman could simply walk into her local retailer, pick up a pack of pads, and plop them down on the counter. Most retailers will carry this item, so the purchaser does not need to worry about a lack of availability. Things to consider when purchasing incontinence pads from the local retailer are pricing and product size. Prices may vary from retailer to retailer, and it will be difficult to find anything more than a single package. However, it is possible to use coupons to defray costs.

A bulk retailer, like some big box club stores, is another purchasing option. The benefit to purchasing these pads at a bulk retailer is obvious. The product comes with more to a pack or with multi-pack purchasing options. These products are often a little more per packaging, but also a little cheaper per unit. Coupons are usually not accepted unless it is a club-distributed coupon.

There are some problems with purchasing these at either a local retailer or a bulk retailer. Many don’t have easy access to a bulk retailer. Also, some might feel uncomfortable about putting their personal needs on display for the cashier.

Of course, the most discrete and probably easiest way to buy Poise Pads is via an online service. An online service provides the consumer a broader range of products from which to choose. Since an online service does not have the same set-up issues as regular retailers, sometimes online services offer these products at discount prices. In addition, courtesies such as reduced or free shipping and preferred or frequent customer buyer rewards might be available. When the product is needed, the consumer never has to leave the comfort of her home.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Incontinence and Choosing Adult Female Diapers

There is nothing as embarrassing as waking up to a wet bed in the morning. Unintentional wetting of the bed is a common condition in both men and women. One of the ways women try to control incontinence is through the use of adult female diapers.

Urinary incontinence refers to unintentional urination. It is caused when you experience problems with the muscles and nerves responsible for holding or passing urine. The bladder stores your urine. Urine leaves your body via a tube that is connected to your bladder- also known as the urethra. The muscles in your bladder contract so that urine is passed through the urethra. During this same time, muscles around your urethra- sphincter muscles- relax to get rid of urine from your body. When there is an abnormality in this process, you find yourself urinating unintentionally.

Symptoms of incontinence

Urge incontinence: an intense urge to urinate soon after or when urine leaks
Stress incontinence: leaking of urine when you are under some sort of pressure like when laughing or coughing

How is Urinary Incontinence Treated

A change in lifestyle like cutting down on alcohol and caffeine or losing weight
Pelvic floor exercises- these exercises are performed under the supervision of a specialist.
Bladder training- a specialist will also train you to be patient between the periods when you need to urinate and when passing urine.

How to Choose Adult Diapers

First, determine how often you empty your bladder, how often you leak urine and how much urine you leak.
Choose an absorbency level that suits you. To do this, you should determine how much urine you pass unintentionally. For small leaks, you can choose a diaper that has a light absorbency level but if you normally pass out a lot of urine involuntarily, go for diapers with a high absorbency level. Most people prefer to choose a high absorbency level for the night and a light absorbency level for during the day.
There are different styles available for adult female diapers. There are belted, pull on and snap kinds of diapers.
Determine the condition you are suffering from. There are different kinds of incontinence. There is overflow, stress, functional and urge incontinence. Choose a diaper that is suited to your condition.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tips for Incontinence At Any Age

Incontinence is an embarrassing but manageable problem. Many people would be surprised to find out there are actually pull ups for teenagers and adults. Incontinence usually is a problem for aging adults but that doesn't mean that teens and young adults can not having the same medical problem. There are also many other incontinence products that you can choose from that will help you mask this problem.

The Attends Regular Absorbency Protective Underwear is one of the products that people have to choose from. It is highly absorbent and designed to provide moderate protection. One of the many great things about this product is that it can be worn discreetly underneath your clothing.

SureCare Extra Heavy Absorbency is designed for people who need extra protection. This pull-up can be used at night or during the day. It is made out of cloth-like material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. SureCare Extra Heavy Absorbency is also designed to help keep you dry throughout the day.

Tranquility Premium Daytime Disposable Adult Underwear is another great choice for people who need maximum protection. It is also designed to help neutralize odors. Tranquility Premium Daytime Disposable Adult Underwear is made out of non-woven fabric, which helps enhance comfort. It is also easy to remove the underwear because it can easily tear away at the sides.

Keep in mind that there are several things you should look for in an incontinence product. One of those things is the level of absorbency of the product. Light absorbency is designed for people who have occasional leakage during certain events, such as lifting or laughing.

Moderate absorbency is designed for people who have frequent dribbling and a moderate flow of urine. It is the ideal choice for people who need constant protection. Heavy absorbency is designed for people who do have little control over their bladder. They also have a heavy urine flow.

It is also important for you to choose a product that is comfortable for you to wear. Additionally, you should measure your waist and hips to ensure that you get a product that is the right fit.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How Do Night Time Adult Diapers Work?

Imagine waking up in the morning to find that you have urinated on your bed. It becomes quite embarrassing especially if you slept with someone on that bed. Individuals with incontinence problems go through this ordeal all the time, more the reason they need to have night time adult diapers.

What is urinary incontinence?

This is a condition associated with pregnancy, menopause, asthma, arthritis, diabetes among many other diseases. It is poor bladder control that ranges from a leak when you cough, exercise or laugh to complete lack of bladder control which causes you to wet yourself. Adult diapers are manufactured to help people manage/control the various kinds of incontinence including urge incontinence, stress incontinence, functional incontinence and overflow incontinence.

Layers in the Adult Diaper

An adult diaper consists of three main layers with each layer meant to serve a particular purpose. The outer layer of the diaper is in touch with your skin. It is supposed to keep your skin dry and safe from any allergic reactions. The innermost layer is supposed to keep liquids intact. This layer prevents leakage.

One advantage of adult diapers is that only 4 diapers are required for a single day. You will only need one diaper for the entire night. A wetness indicator indicates when your diaper should be removed and this prevents you from wasting time and minimizes landfill rates thus rendering the product friendly towards the environment.

Considerations to make when Selecting Adult Diapers

There are different varieties of adult diapers. Some of the common styles include belted, even snap and pull on styles of diapers. You need to select a style that fits your needs.
Adult diapers have different absorbency levels. Although grown up diapers are meant to moderate-severe incontinence, they come with varying absorbency capacities. You should choose a diaper that has an absorbency level that suits you. You should also bear in mind that you might require a different level of absorbency during certain times like a heavier absorbency level during the night and a light one during the day.
Adult diapers can be distinguished by a person's gender. There are incontinence products made for men and others made for women. You should choose night time adult diapers for your gender.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Tips for Using Tena Underwear for Women

Incontinence is a highly personal and very sensitive issue for those who live with this condition. Many people feel embarrassment about the issues they deal with and are concerned about leakage, odors or staining. Many incontinence underwear products are bulky, ineffective and provide little odor protection.

Why Choose Tena Underwear for Women?
For those seeking heavy incontinence protection, Tena underwear for women provides a comfortable feeling that is as close to regular underwear as any protective brief has ever come. Thin, discreet, breathable and comfortable, Tena underwear comes in a large variety of sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, enabling women to find the perfect size for comfort and function. Features that wearers of Tena underwear will enjoy include:

The most secure protection derived from stay-put fit technology
Advanced odor-fighting properties to absorb and block smells
A newly designed interior core offering superior absorbency with less bulk

How Will Tena Underwear Improve Your Health?

Designed to fit like regular cotton briefs, the pull-on, fitted design is easy to wear but provides maximum protection against moderate to heavy urinary leakage. For those who experience incontinence, inadequately absorbent protective undergarments can cause skin problems because of exposure to moisture. The core of Tena underwear is designed to whisk moisture away from the skin, locking it away to prevent redness, chafing, and irritation.

Tena underwear allows women to enjoy the feeling of freedom from anxiety about leakage and unpleasant odors. Tena's absorbent core incorporates neutralizing odor technology, ensuring freshness throughout the entire day. It wears like a regular brief, so there is no need to feel worried about any bulk or bulges showing through clothing. Whether it's summer or winter, clothing options no longer need to be limited to loose apparel for fear of exposing incontinence protection.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How To Manage Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a silent and growing epidemic found throughout the nation. The unwanted leakage of urine is an embarrassing problem for both men and women. Over 34 million Americans must live with urinary incontinence. There are ways you can prevent an overactive bladder from embarrassing situations that include using waterproof mattress protectors to protect your mattress. You can also find supplies such as adult diapers, briefs, sheets and underwear at online medical supply stores.

Tips for Urinary Incontinence

Pelvic floor exercises are one way to strengthen the muscles that hold back urine. There are other simple things you can do to manage bladder leakage. Eat high-fiber foods that do not irritate the bladder like green peas, oatmeal, brown rice, spinach and pinto beans. If you are overweight, then a weight loss program may reduce the severity of your symptoms. Check with your doctor to see if current medications may be interfering with bladder control.

Bladder training includes increasing the time between feeling the urge to urinate and going to the restroom. This can result in reducing involuntary urine leakage by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. You should see improved results within three to six weeks of bladder training. Your doctor may use medication to control urinary incontinence.

Medication Treatments

The Food and Drug Administration has approved some treatments for incontinence that includes topical creams, skin patches and oral drugs. These drugs are gaining popularity since they are easy and convenient to use. Some oral drugs only require one pill a day for relief of incontinence. Visit your doctor to find out about the type of urinary incontinence that affects you.

Medications for incontinence work by reducing bladder contractions that lead to involuntary urine loss. Other types of medications are used to improve the condition of pelvic muscle tissues. Lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, weight loss or pelvic floor therapy may also be prescribed. Medications typically give relief within one to two weeks. Low dosages of medications may gradually be increased to stronger medication for your type of incontinence. Side effects of some medications include drowsiness, abdominal pain or headaches.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Tena Briefs For Men Provide Secure Comfort

While incontinence isn't a fun issue to talk about, Tena briefs for men make it seem like hardly an issue at all.

Designed with equal measures of functionality and comfort in mind, these incontinence protecting briefs deliver peace of mind, every time. Comfort core technology that provides a contoured, secured fit along with a wetness indicator means just the right amount of awareness for the user. The comfortable fit makes the briefs seemingly unnoticeable while the indicator alerts the user of any changes while also pulling away moisture and trapping it inside. The briefs also feature a hook tab that allows for unlimited readjustment and added security against mild bladder and bowel incontinence.

Superior protection and comfort are just two components of what makes Tena briefs for men so compelling. For a 25 pack, the briefs are around a buck apiece. The 100 pack offers the brief at below a dollar in all sizes. Compared to conventional briefs and competitors, Tena is making full and wearable coverage an everyday luxury.

These classics are designed to work in a way that you don't know they are working until you need to. These briefs cut down boundaries and restrictions and allow the user to enjoy everyday activities without worrying if the product they are using is working. The prices don't reflect any decreases in quality, but instead prove that these briefs are good enough to be worn every single day. That means Tena is willing to put its reputation on the line time after time. There aren't deluxe models or additional features offered at a steeper cost; these briefs are honest about the integrity of their structure. This product is designed to fit seamlessly into the user's lifestyle while providing the best protection possible. They only time you should be concerned about these briefs is when you realize you should've discovered them earlier.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Depends For Men Guards For Bladder Control Solution

Depends for men guards are for light to moderate bladder control. They offer a contoured design where the front end is wider for a better fit and fluid absorption. Depends for men comes with two adhesive strips that help keep the guard in place. This product also allows you to wear your regular briefs or underwear for comfort and protection.

What Causes Loss of Bladder Control?

Bladder control loss often occurs as you get older. However, both men and women may experience loss of bladder control during their younger years. There are several possible reasons for the loss of bladder control. Weak pelvic muscles are the most common reason, but these muscles can be strengthened by performing pelvic exercises for several weeks.

Bladder Control Treatments

Depends for men guards are the perfect solution for bladder control loss. There are also medications that your doctor can prescribe that will reduce your episodes of bladder control loss. Wear protective guards for added protection and peace of mind. Kegel exercises will help strengthen the pelvic region and help you control the bladder.

The pelvic muscles help stop the flow of urine. If these muscles are weak, then you have a loss of bladder control. The muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine are the pelvic muscles. That is why Kegel exercises are so effective for bladder control treatments. Try tightening your pelvic muscles before lifting, sneezing or jumping.

Exercises that stretch the muscles and ligaments of the body will help you cope with bladder problems. Bladder control problems affect twice the amount of women as men. Many times, it shows up right after childbirth or during menopause for women. Talk to your doctor about specific bladder control treatments that may be right for you.

You need not be embarrassed by the loss of bladder control since it affects millions of people all over the country. Ask your doctor about treatment plans that improve your quality of life. Wearing pads can help you overcome the embarrassment and fear of having an accident while out in public. Look for the type of pad that works for you.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Thinking About Incontinence Aids for Men

Incontinence is a struggle that can cause considerable embarrassment. It can keep a person from doing what he wants to do, cutting back on his enjoyment in life as he stays close to home and the bathroom. Incontinence aids for men are available to make it possible to deal with this health problem. There is no reason that anyone should feel like they are controlled by their incontinence. There are many different products that can suit the needs of any man, making it possible to lead an active lifestyle.

Consider Alternatives
When it comes to incontinence aids for men, there are plenty of options. Adult diapers, adult liners, and adult pads are practical aids that are useful for many people. Adult underwear and briefs are other possibilities. It's important to have the proper level of protection as well, taking into account if the flow is light, heavy, or somewhere in between. Incontinence is a nuisance, but can be managed with the proper products. When surgery and medication cannot resolve an issue with incontinence, it's essential to take advantage of incontinence aids. Using the appropriate products will make life easier and head off more trouble down the line.

Don't Forget Skin Care and Bedding
Incontinence skin care products are a vital component as well when dealing with male incontinence. To avoid damage or infection, the skin needs to be protected. Bedding sheets are also available to make a person more comfortable at night. Use a combination of products that are designed for male incontinence for the best results. Try a variety and choose the briefs, underwear, pads, or liners that will take care of leaks that come with incontinence. With proper care, it is possible to take control of incontinence and have a better quality of life.