Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Depends For Men Guards For Bladder Control Solution

Depends for men guards are for light to moderate bladder control. They offer a contoured design where the front end is wider for a better fit and fluid absorption. Depends for men comes with two adhesive strips that help keep the guard in place. This product also allows you to wear your regular briefs or underwear for comfort and protection.

What Causes Loss of Bladder Control?

Bladder control loss often occurs as you get older. However, both men and women may experience loss of bladder control during their younger years. There are several possible reasons for the loss of bladder control. Weak pelvic muscles are the most common reason, but these muscles can be strengthened by performing pelvic exercises for several weeks.

Bladder Control Treatments

Depends for men guards are the perfect solution for bladder control loss. There are also medications that your doctor can prescribe that will reduce your episodes of bladder control loss. Wear protective guards for added protection and peace of mind. Kegel exercises will help strengthen the pelvic region and help you control the bladder.

The pelvic muscles help stop the flow of urine. If these muscles are weak, then you have a loss of bladder control. The muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine are the pelvic muscles. That is why Kegel exercises are so effective for bladder control treatments. Try tightening your pelvic muscles before lifting, sneezing or jumping.

Exercises that stretch the muscles and ligaments of the body will help you cope with bladder problems. Bladder control problems affect twice the amount of women as men. Many times, it shows up right after childbirth or during menopause for women. Talk to your doctor about specific bladder control treatments that may be right for you.

You need not be embarrassed by the loss of bladder control since it affects millions of people all over the country. Ask your doctor about treatment plans that improve your quality of life. Wearing pads can help you overcome the embarrassment and fear of having an accident while out in public. Look for the type of pad that works for you.


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