Monday, June 29, 2015

Tips for Buying Poise Pads

As women, we sometimes feel awkward and embarrassed when buying personal care items. We shouldn’t feel that way because there’s nothing wrong with us. However, it starts with sanitary products, medicine for yeast infections and other feminine issues, and then later in life, it might include buying items like Poise Pads. Knowing the tips and tricks to buying these items will build our confidence as consumers.

The first thing to consider is a local retailer. A woman could simply walk into her local retailer, pick up a pack of pads, and plop them down on the counter. Most retailers will carry this item, so the purchaser does not need to worry about a lack of availability. Things to consider when purchasing incontinence pads from the local retailer are pricing and product size. Prices may vary from retailer to retailer, and it will be difficult to find anything more than a single package. However, it is possible to use coupons to defray costs.

A bulk retailer, like some big box club stores, is another purchasing option. The benefit to purchasing these pads at a bulk retailer is obvious. The product comes with more to a pack or with multi-pack purchasing options. These products are often a little more per packaging, but also a little cheaper per unit. Coupons are usually not accepted unless it is a club-distributed coupon.

There are some problems with purchasing these at either a local retailer or a bulk retailer. Many don’t have easy access to a bulk retailer. Also, some might feel uncomfortable about putting their personal needs on display for the cashier.

Of course, the most discrete and probably easiest way to buy Poise Pads is via an online service. An online service provides the consumer a broader range of products from which to choose. Since an online service does not have the same set-up issues as regular retailers, sometimes online services offer these products at discount prices. In addition, courtesies such as reduced or free shipping and preferred or frequent customer buyer rewards might be available. When the product is needed, the consumer never has to leave the comfort of her home.


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