Monday, May 25, 2015

Steps to Buying Depend Diapers for Women

Use Hip and Waist Measurements to Select a Brief or Diaper Size

To buy affordable Depend diapers for women, order this vital incontinence product in bulk from a discreet online medical supply store. Available in cases of 40 or 48, the silhouette style brief for women offers excellent protection while remaining unnoticeable undergarments due to its smooth and flexible construction. With all-around elastic at each leg opening along with a comfortable covered elastic waist, this incontinence device resembles traditional undergarments, making it unnoticeable under slacks and dresses. Each incontinence diaper has built-in odor protection to avoid embarrassment and is made in a feminine pale pink. Women can choose between ordering medium or large sizes based on their waist or hip measurements.

Choose a Pull-On or Tab Close Incontinence Product 

Modern disposable incontinence products are designed in tab close or pull-on styles that are appropriate for different circumstances such as someone needing either 24-hour body care or someone able to change their own clothing. Individuals able to dress themselves typically prefer the pull-on style of briefs while the tab close style is necessary for bedridden individuals who are dressed by others. Tabbed incontinence products are fast to fasten with a sticky substance that makes adjusting the device easier for caregivers. These incontinence products are an excellent option for anyone needing protection around-the-clock due to immobility. Alternatively, elastic pull-on briefs are suitable for someone who needs emergency incontinence protection due to leakage from accidents.

Select the Proper Absorbency Level for Comfort

Everyone has different incontinence brief or diaper needs, depending on their health and mobility. An individual unable to reach a bathroom quickly should select a maximum absorbency product. For someone overcoming a surgical procedure or needing occasional protection, a medium level absorbency diaper or brief is suitable. Patients experiencing only mild incontinence issues will want to order lightweight and thin Depend diapers for women that have form-fitting elastic waists and legs to provide discrete protection whenever it is required. Remember also to take special care of skin tissue under incontinence diapers or briefs to prevent uncomfortable rashes that occur in moist conditions.


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