Friday, May 8, 2015

Incontinence and Depend Diapers for Women

Incontinence is a common problem among women, and it is one that is especially prevalent in women who are advanced in age. When you are incontinent, you are not able to completely hold in urine or excrement. If you are incontinent, underwear like Depend Diapers for Women can be helpful.

There are a few different kinds of incontinence and causes of it. Stress incontinence is one kind, and it occurs when the pelvic muscles are no longer strong enough to prevent urination. Sometimes women who have given birth find that their bladder shifted during pregnancy because the fetus had been exerting pressure on the bladder. Pregnancy, as well as childbirth, often leaves women incontinent until the body heals from the damage that was caused. Menopause sometimes causes incontinence due to a drop in estrogen production, believe some experts. Other causes include a lengthy period of constipation, drugs, smoking, urinary tract infections, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Carrying too much weight and consuming caffeinated beverages and alcohol can exacerbate an already existing incontinence problem.

Many women who are incontinent wear absorbent undergarments. Undergarments like Depend Diapers for Women are an effective way to manage times when accidents cannot be prevented. They conceal wetness and camouflage odors effectively, and when you wear them, no one is the wiser because they are not bulky enough to be seen through clothing. This particular brand of women’s diapers is made of comfortable material that does not make noise when you move. The waistband fits comfortably snug around the waist. Your waist and hip measurement will determine the size you need.

Caregivers will especially find women’s diapers like these helpful when taking care of someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or someone confined to a wheelchair. Diapers that come with tabs on the sides make changing the diaper easy. Superior absorbency is something to be appreciated as well.


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