Saturday, May 16, 2015

Benefits of Using Underwear Protection

Shopping for incontinence aids or underwear protection may be an overwhelming process for some because of the varying options available. There are two main classes of incontinence protection; those that are worn on the liner of the underwear, and those that ultimately replace the undergarment.

Additionally, incontinence protection is gender-specific and can be used by virtually everyone regardless of age. The paybacks of using a gender-specific product are essentially endless. It is popular among many because it is specially designed to cater for the sole needs of men and the sole needs of women. The vast majority of underwear protection users report feeling a sense of confidence and security when wearing undergarment protection.

How does it Work?
Undergarment protection is an excellent solution for individuals suffering from incontinence. It is also a preferred method of protection for those seeking to maintain a low profile. The insert of the liners secures the underwear with a firm grip, providing a less bulky protective alternative. The inserts are also conveniently comprised of tear-away sides (found along the padding) that allow for a very easy removal process on an as needed basis for caregivers and users.

Benefits of Use
Undergarment protective aids offer variable grades of moisture wicking competency, porosity, odor, and leakage control. Additional features include a comfortable, breathable external layer, faster absorbency rate for enhanced skin health, a dampness indicator to alert the user or caregiver when the liner needs to be changed, and a pH neutralization to reduce the risk of infection.

Undergarment protection is available in styles specific to levels of severity of incontinence. For example, an individual experiencing dripping, or light bladder leakage would be more inclined to wear a pad as opposed to a diaper or disposable undergarment.

Final Thoughts
While incontinence protective aids can be expensive, cost should not be a deterrent from choosing quality products. Quality undergarment protection has more moisture absorption than inexpensive brands. Thus changes are not as frequent, and the risk of leakage is significantly reduced. If however, the cost is a concern, consider using washable products or purchasing protective garments from in stores instead of ordering online.


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