Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Importance of Protecting Mattresses

For anyone with a medical issue that causes incontinence, having a mattress protection pad is necessary to protect a mattress. Mattresses are expensive items that are ruined quickly by body fluids such as urine, blood or vomit. While it is possible to have a mattress cleaned occasionally, the process is time-consuming and expensive. Medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices need numerous pads that are fresh and clean for each patient. Pads that are reusable are more affordable and absorbent than disposable ones that also tend to rip and degrade. A soft cotton and polyester blend underpad is easy to wash in hot water and dry at high heat to keep it sanitized.

Select a Thick Absorbent Pad

An oversized underpad is more suitable than a smaller one that does not protect the edges of a mattress from moisture and contamination. A thick and absorbent mattress underpad is also comfortable for patients with health conditions that make their skin sensitive. Quilted underpads also last longer while not bunching after washing and drying. Fine quality fabrics are designed never to pill or shred, making the items durable and attractive. While fitted mattress protectors take a lot of time to remove and replace, a flat one is simple to put under a patient needing their bedding changed. The ability to change pads under a patient is especially important for someone who is bedridden.

Everyone Needs a Mattress Protector

While medical facilities need mattress protectors for patients, it is sometimes necessary to have the items in homes. Families with children can benefit from having extra protection on mattresses as toddlers are potty training. Caregivers with senior citizens in a home can protect bed mattresses with absorbent and quality pads. Using mattress protection pads on beds used by overnight guests helps to keep the items fresh and spotless. Thin linens such as bed sheets do not protect mattresses from spills of beverages and foods the way that an underpad does. Underpads are also an excellent way to help avoid painful allergic responses from skin flakes and dust mites.


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