Friday, January 30, 2015

Tips for Going in Public With Incontinence

Dealing with incontinence on a daily basis can be a difficult thing to do, particularly when going out in public. However, this shouldn't stop you, as there are a myriad of useful tips that should help when going in public with incontinence. The following will provide an in-depth look at what these tips are.

Balancing Amounts of Fluid

While you might believe that drinking barely any fluids before going in public would lessen the possibility of incontinence, this isn't the case at all. Doing so actually increases irritation within the bladder. By drinking a consistent amount of fluids throughout the day, you will have the ability to have at least some control over your incontinence.

Know Where Bathrooms Are Located

No matter where you are, whether in a restaurant or shopping mall, it's important to note where all the restrooms are located. This will allow you to take immediate action should an issue arise. When arriving at any location in public, ask a staff member where the bathrooms are located or simply look this information up online before heading out.

Proper Skin Care For Incontinence

Always be prepared by utilizing proper skin care. Bring cleansing washcloths with you wherever you go and consider using soothing ointment or wash cream when going in public with incontinence to reduce the irritants you're dealing with.

Empty Bladder As Often As Possible

What might be the most obvious tip for dealing with incontinence when in public is to try and empty your bladder as often as possible. Even if you don't think that you would need to go, make sure to do so every couple of hours and right before going out, as well as right after arriving at your destination.

Limit Consumption of Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are two substances that are known as diuretics. Diuretics have the propensity to irritate the bladder more than usual, which can be particularly frustrating for those with incontinence. Limiting the consumption of these beverages when you're in public can do wonders in preventing issues.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What are Quilted Adult Briefs?

Adult briefs are disposable under garments primarily used for incontinence and over active bladder issues. There is a wide selection of adult briefs available to suit any need. The quilted variety are typically constructed with a softer, more breathable material to keep skin drier and help prevent irritation. 

The need for adult briefs can come from many medical situations. General incontinence issues can occur from conditions such as stroke, coma, dementia, paralysis, or immobility. Many people suffer from over active bladder, poor bladder tone, or bladder prolapse and find they need adult briefs to help with incontinence when they are away from the home and a restroom is not always readily available. For men, temporary or prolonged incontinence issues may develop as a result of prostate surgery. There are numerous and varied conditions where the need for adult briefs may arise.

When choosing an adult brief, there are several key features to bear in mind. One of the biggest problems that can occur in anyone with incontinence is skin breakdown. Skin breakdown occurs when the skin comes into repeated contact with an irritant. If the adult brief does not have a soft, comfortable lining that will quickly wick away moisture, skin breakdown is more likely to occur. Prevention of that breakdown is extremely important. Using quilted adult briefs can be helpful. The quilted material will provide comfort and promote a drier environment. Fit is also a high priority when choosing an adult brief. Be sure to pick the appropriate size brief, as well as one that has features such as breathable material in the side vents and comfortable, stretchy material in the leg openings. Most adult briefs are available in sizes ranging from small to 3XL or larger for the bariatric population.

When dealing with a sensitive medical issue such as incontinence, maintaining dignity is a priority. Adult briefs with quilting are designed with that in mind. The quilted material is cloth-like causing no plastic, diaper type sounds when moving. There are even adult briefs on the market that have colored designs to resemble a traditional undergarment look.

When the need arises for adult briefs due to an incontinence or bladder issue, be informed about the options and features available. Quilted adult briefs are made of soft, breathable material to keep the skin cool and dry. Be sure to choose a brief that suits the situation best for fit, comfort, reliability, and skin integrity.

Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Use Attends Washcloths

Thanks in large part to some wonderful medical and scientific advances; the general population is living longer and healthier lives. Contributing factors are the more nutritious diets and active lifestyles that many people have adapted to. But with age comes natural, often unavoidable, changes in one's body. A common occurrence is a slight decline in urinary control. Products like Attends Washcloths can be a great help in assisting you to live the life you want, on your own terms.

These cloths are discreet and super easy to use. They are pre-moistened so that even if you are not near a sink or water, you can still attend to your personal hygiene right away. Since no added soap is necessary, the cloths are easy to store. The wipes clean up small dribbles, as well as heavier mishaps. These handy washcloths are hypoallergenic, so that they are well-suited for people who have sensitive skin or a history of allergic breakouts.

Another advantage of these moist towelettes is that they are disposable. They are made of a material known as spunlace, which is specifically manufactured to allow the circulation of air so that the cloths do not retain odors. Spunlace is specifically made to have a soft and gentle feel against the skin. This is extremely important to prevent bruising or rashes that can be caused by the frequency of wiping, as well as overly-abrasive wipes.

These washcloths are alcohol free. This is an added benefit because it alleviates problematic sensations of burning and irritation of the skin. Each cloth contains Vitamin E and Aloe to leave your skin feeling refreshed, moisturized and smooth. The wipes quickly air dry as they clean; therefore there is no residue that needs to be rinsed away.

Attends Washcloths come neatly packaged in resealable small packs or in larger tubs that are airtight to keep them fresh. They can safely be used on any part of the body to allow you to be confident that you or your loved ones have the convenience of having a reliable way to avoid embarrassing odors in any situation.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What is it Like to Have Incontinence

There are varying degrees of incontinence that people experience. Some people only have a little trouble in controlling their bodies, while others must constantly monitor what their bodies are doing. In all cases, incontinence is a matter of insecurity and self-consciousness. Anyone with incontinence must shift their lifestyle patterns and behaviors to guard against the social stigma associated with this condition.

Though incontinence is an extremely common condition, its focal point is private, and difficult for people without incontinence issues to understand. Incontinence can occur because of age, sickness, muscular dystrophies, and many other medical conditions. Because of the private nature of incontinence issues, people suffering from this condition have a difficult time adjusting to symptoms.

Bladder control is a matter of muscular integrity. It is very common for people to have medical problems that diminish the ability of muscles to regulate the control of organs like the bladder, kidneys, colon, urethra, and Kegel complexes. Signals from the brain trigger body responses to eliminate waste. These signals cannot always be controlled by the physical mechanisms in a person's body. The body's autonomic waste elimination processes can sometimes supersede control. As a result, incontinence often becomes a point of extreme self-consciousness and worry. It can even lead to psychological and abnormal social phobias.

Anyone who has experienced what is it like to have incontinence will have poignant stories and anecdotes describing the extra work involved in hiding this condition. Any condition which results in the loss of control over the functions of one's own body is understandably difficult.

Fortunately, therapeutic, prescription, and surgical help is available for people suffering from chronic incontinence. Incontinence is not normal, but it is very common. Symptoms of incontinence should be explained to a physician because it can be an indication of more serious problems, and it is a condition with many choices of correction. Though the social and personal views of incontinence problems are likely to be negative, many medical choices are available to correct incontinence problems.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Best Night Time Incontinence Products

More than 4 million American adults have problems with night time incontinence. It can be caused by diseases, injuries, medication, surgery, weak pelvic muscles or stress. Individuals can minimize the problem by visiting their doctor and determining the cause. Other things one can do is to limit water intake near bedtime. Another strategy is to empty the bladder completely before bed. This is an embarrassing and frustrating problem, but many adults are going through the same difficulty. If the above strategies aren't successful, there are many good incontinence products that can give protection during the night.

Mattress covers:
To protect your sheets and mattress, purchase a water-repellent fabric cover. Make sure it’s a cover that breathes and allows your body sweat to evaporate. An absorbent pad placed under the person helps to absorb in case of leakage.

Adult briefs and diapers – heavy-duty:
These briefs are quite easy to use. There have flexible sticky tabs on the sides. They can be put on and taken off with ease. They are useful for people who are not mobile and may be bedridden. In nursing homes and for home caregivers, they work well. Some of the diaper briefs are made to last the entire night, allowing the patient to sleep through the night. They have top ranking because of their high absorbency and heaviest protection. They keep sensitive skin dry.

Adult briefs – medium absorbency:
In addition to brief diapers, there are choices of incontinence underwear. Some are designed for heavy absorbency and can be worn at night, while others are for mild or moderate absorption. The underwear is comfortable as it is made from soft cloth-like material. The waist bands stretch for more comfort.

Choosing size and absorbency:
Before purchasing incontinence products, an individual or caregiver needs to determine how active the person is and how severe the condition is. Also one can determine the proper size by taking a waist measurement. For light to medium incontinence, a standard brief is fine, but if the incontinence is severe, individuals should wear heavy absorbent or night time absorbency diapers.

Friday, January 16, 2015

What are Intermittent Catheters?

Unlike other catheters, intermittent catheterization is used for short-term management of various conditions. Unlike permanent catheterization, there is significantly less risk of urinary tract infections, urethral strictures, or complications that can lead to infertility.

They are considered the best option for patients who are able to catheterize themselves are home or whom have caregivers that can aid them in doing so.

There are several conditioners with intermittent catheterization may be used. Issues that are considered neurogenic, such as issues that stem from injury to the spinal cord or multiple sclerosis. They may also be used when there are non-neurogenic issues such as an enlarged prostate or urethral strictures that may prevent the urinary tract from completely evacuating any stored urine.

Understanding what type of catheter to use for intermittent catheterization can dramatically improve a patient's experience with them by reducing the amount of discomfort a patient feels during the catheterization process. This is why it's important to understand that there are several types of specialized catheters available to make intermittent catheterization significantly easier.

With regards to the different types of intermittent catheters available, there are primarily three different types: straight-tipped catheters, hydrophilic catheters and coude-tip catheters. The latter two have specific situations where patients that require catheterization may find them more useful.

Hydrophilic catheters have lubricant applied to them already when they are packaged. The lubricant stays inactive until water is applied to the catheter tip, which in turn activates it and makes it easier for patients to use at home.

Coude-tip catheters, which derive their name from the French word for “curved”, have a curved tip that allows them to be easier for most men to insert on their own. It is considered easier to use because the curved tip overcomes the problem where most men are unable to push straight-tipped catheters through the prostate to completely evacuate the bladder.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Finding an Effective Product for Incontinence

Struggling with incontinence may be temporary or long-term. It may start by surprise or build up over time. Each person is different, but each should know that help is available. Incontinence can be uncomfortable for many individuals, but with the right products, incontinence is manageable. To be effective, care for an incontinent individual must target both the physical and psychosocial aspects of a person’s life.

Psychologically, sometimes a bad day can be turned into a better day by simply cleaning up after incontinence. Feeling clean can make an individual feel more energized and comfortable with his or her body, rather than worrying about odor or discomfort. Since incontinence may occur at any time for some individuals, the products offer peace of mind when participating in social events. No matter what a person is doing for the day, feeling clean should be a priority in order to maintain self-esteem and promote socialization. Managing incontinence is not only beneficial to a person’s social life, but it is also protects the client’s skin.

Regarding the physical aspects of incontinence, Tena Incontinence Care Products vary in order to meet the needs of unique individuals. Proper hygiene is necessary to keep skin healthy, and this goal can be met by well-made products. Since needs may vary from day to night, products are created in several forms to effectively assist with incontinence. From underpads to adult underwear and diapers, skin care is provided through these products with a comforting absorbency. Since the products are easy to use following an incontinence episode, skin may be cleaned and dried immediately. Consistently providing hygiene after incontinence promotes good health and uplifts clients.

Coping with incontinence may take time, but with the proper products, the task can be less daunting. Psychosocial and physical attributes of an individual should draw these people, or their caregivers, to the use of well-made products. While people maintain unique lives and may experience varying episodes of incontinence, Tena Incontinence Care Products help maintain self-esteem and skin integrity for a wide range of individuals. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Incontinence Sufferers Can Experience the Benefits of Sleep

One of the most basic necessity
s for achieving optimal health in the mind and body is maintaining the recommended eight to ten hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, many problems can lead to loss of sleep, including incontinence. Getting up to go to the bathroom three or four times a night or having to clean up after an accident due to incontinence can keep someone from reaching the deep REM sleep that's so beneficial to their health. All Through the Night Disposable Briefs make it possible for people to get the full night's sleep their mind and body needs.
Health Benefits of Sleep

People who get at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep per night experience improved memory, sharpened attention spans, enhanced creativity, and better focus. Proper sleep also reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
As well as the mind, the body also benefits from sleep. Research shows, the right amount of sleep curbs inflammation, improves physical performance, increases stamina, and improves the general quality of life. Most importantly, sleep reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis. Additionally, according to researchers at the University of Chicago, dieters who got enough sleep lost 56 percent more fat than those who didn't sleep the recommended amount.

Getting Enough Sleep Despite Incontinence
People experiencing incontinence often find themselves waking up to go to the bathroom several times a night, having accidents during sleep, or needing to change their incontinence control briefs in the middle of the night. However, All Through the Night Disposable Briefs absorb up to a quart of liquid, which is three times more than drug store brands. They also neutralize odor and are safe for sensitive skin because of their ability to keep skin dry through the night. Incontinence sufferers can finally get the rest they need in order to properly function physically and mentally and reduce their risk for many diseases.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best Selling Incontinence Briefs

Incontinence is used to describe a symptom that affects the bowel and the bladder. At times, people are unable to prevent a bowel movement or urine leakage. This is referred to as incontinence. It can occur at any time because a person is not able to control it. It greatly prevents a person from doing a wide range of activities. Although it is a symptom that is more common with increased age, it can occur for the young as well. For instance, women who are in their last trimester of pregnancy may develop incontinence as the baby descends lower down into the uterus and places more pressure on the bladder.

Incontinence can occur for several reasons. It typically occurs as a person ages, but there are other factors that can produce incontinence. It can be caused by another condition, such as cancer or an enlarged prostate. Incontinence can result from a urinary tract infection, and it can occur if people held in their urine for prolonged durations of time in their youth. Interestingly, constipation that prevents a bowel movement can stimulate the bladder into leaking urine.

Whatever the cause, incontinence can greatly inhibit the quality of a person’s life without the right assistance. Incontinence can be unfair, but it doesn’t have to stop people from getting on with their day. The best selling incontinence briefs help people to do as they wish by providing extra security against leaks and odor. Incontinence briefs quickly absorb fluid to keep a person dry. They also prevent odor from leaking so that a person can maintain their privacy.

Incontinence can affect anyone. Luckily, incontinence briefs are available to treat the symptom so that incontinence doesn’t have to slow anyone down. The best selling incontinence briefs are form-fitting, which provides superior comfort and fit. Form-fitting incontinence briefs help to prevent leaks from occurring. Incontinence briefs securely fasten to individual dimensions, which helps to keep them discreetly worn. Also, incontinence briefs help the wearer to stay dry and comfortable, which is important for skin integrity. In addition, incontinence briefs help to prevent odor leakage throughout the day.

Incontinence may disappear after time or it may be a permanent symptom caused by a condition. However, using incontinence briefs can help a person to stay focused and motivated with what they need to do.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Which Bladder Protection Pads Are Right For You?

Light bladder leakage is a very common problem. For many people however, this issue does not warrant the use of incontinence briefs or incontinence underwear; which are often restrictive and easy to notice. You will usually be able to get all of the protection and comfort that you need from bladder protection pads or liners; which are far more discreet and allow for greater mobility. In order to get the best results from these products, however, it is important to know what features to look for.

Bladder protection pads come with strong, adhesive strips that allow them to be placed securely inside of the underwear without fear of having them slip out of position. A single-adhesive strip may suffice if choosing a smaller-sized pad and wearing relatively snug-fitting undergarments. For greater security, however, you may want to consider a product that has additional side tabs or "wings", that wrap around the underwear and adhere to the underside of these garments.

Contrary to common belief, absorbency is not always determined by the size of the liner or pad. Some of the materials that are used to create these products are far more absorbent than others and thus.It is possible to get a small and thin pad that is designed to absorb a greater amount of liquid than, a pad that is longer and thicker. Each brand and product option will state whether or not it is designed for modest or heavy leakage. It is important to select a pad that fits your needs in order to minimize the potential for leaks and ensure overall comfort.


The amount of coverage that you require will depend upon the nature of your bladder leakage, and the amount of liquid that is released. Some people suffer from light bladder leakage all throughout the day while others experience leakage problems of a larger magnitude when coughing, laughing, sneezing or making sudden movements. With light leakage, a small, thin liner should suffice. Full coverage pads are generally necessary for full-on incontinence that is likely to occur as the result of an involuntary action such as a sneezing or coughing fit.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Depends for Men Guards Are Great Options for Male Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing but not at all uncommon condition. The condition involving accidental leaking of urine is not actually a disease but rather an issue with the urinary tract. It is estimated that roughly more than five million men deal with bladder problems, but of those five million, a vast majority are uninformed of how to deal with the issue.

A number of factors contribute to the condition. Research suggests that male incontinence is cause by any number of factors, including excess weight, prostate enlargement, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Even common vehicle accidents can contribute to the condition.

While a great deal of research has been conducted regarding the treatment of male incontinence, until now the research had been lacking on the appropriate products for treating male-specific incontinence. Previously adult absorbent products were gender-neutral at best but leaned more toward female specific. A new product is now on the market, though, that is designed specifically to accommodate male incontinence—Depends for Men Guards.

The difference with this product is that it is designed to fit the male anatomy comfortably and discretely. The design of this product features a slim side profile to provide the ultimate in protection. The fitted briefs even include all-around leg elastics to offer a more comfortable and more protective fit. You don’t have to worry about leaks when you’re wearing these briefs.

Not only are Depends for Men designed for superior function, though. This option also offers the most in the form of comfort. These absorbent briefs look and feel like regular underwear. Made of a cotton-like fabric, the briefs are comfortable throughout the day and won’t irritate your skin like other products.

When it comes to dealing with male incontinence, having the right product to prevent leaks is the first step. This new product from Depends is the ultimate in accommodating male incontinence in a function, discrete, and comfortable way. Available in two different sizes, Depends Real Fit Briefs are the perfect fit for any man struggling with incontinence. So, start talking about what works—Depends for Men Guards.