Sunday, January 18, 2015

Best Night Time Incontinence Products

More than 4 million American adults have problems with night time incontinence. It can be caused by diseases, injuries, medication, surgery, weak pelvic muscles or stress. Individuals can minimize the problem by visiting their doctor and determining the cause. Other things one can do is to limit water intake near bedtime. Another strategy is to empty the bladder completely before bed. This is an embarrassing and frustrating problem, but many adults are going through the same difficulty. If the above strategies aren't successful, there are many good incontinence products that can give protection during the night.

Mattress covers:
To protect your sheets and mattress, purchase a water-repellent fabric cover. Make sure it’s a cover that breathes and allows your body sweat to evaporate. An absorbent pad placed under the person helps to absorb in case of leakage.

Adult briefs and diapers – heavy-duty:
These briefs are quite easy to use. There have flexible sticky tabs on the sides. They can be put on and taken off with ease. They are useful for people who are not mobile and may be bedridden. In nursing homes and for home caregivers, they work well. Some of the diaper briefs are made to last the entire night, allowing the patient to sleep through the night. They have top ranking because of their high absorbency and heaviest protection. They keep sensitive skin dry.

Adult briefs – medium absorbency:
In addition to brief diapers, there are choices of incontinence underwear. Some are designed for heavy absorbency and can be worn at night, while others are for mild or moderate absorption. The underwear is comfortable as it is made from soft cloth-like material. The waist bands stretch for more comfort.

Choosing size and absorbency:
Before purchasing incontinence products, an individual or caregiver needs to determine how active the person is and how severe the condition is. Also one can determine the proper size by taking a waist measurement. For light to medium incontinence, a standard brief is fine, but if the incontinence is severe, individuals should wear heavy absorbent or night time absorbency diapers.


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