Friday, January 2, 2015

Depends for Men Guards Are Great Options for Male Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing but not at all uncommon condition. The condition involving accidental leaking of urine is not actually a disease but rather an issue with the urinary tract. It is estimated that roughly more than five million men deal with bladder problems, but of those five million, a vast majority are uninformed of how to deal with the issue.

A number of factors contribute to the condition. Research suggests that male incontinence is cause by any number of factors, including excess weight, prostate enlargement, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Even common vehicle accidents can contribute to the condition.

While a great deal of research has been conducted regarding the treatment of male incontinence, until now the research had been lacking on the appropriate products for treating male-specific incontinence. Previously adult absorbent products were gender-neutral at best but leaned more toward female specific. A new product is now on the market, though, that is designed specifically to accommodate male incontinence—Depends for Men Guards.

The difference with this product is that it is designed to fit the male anatomy comfortably and discretely. The design of this product features a slim side profile to provide the ultimate in protection. The fitted briefs even include all-around leg elastics to offer a more comfortable and more protective fit. You don’t have to worry about leaks when you’re wearing these briefs.

Not only are Depends for Men designed for superior function, though. This option also offers the most in the form of comfort. These absorbent briefs look and feel like regular underwear. Made of a cotton-like fabric, the briefs are comfortable throughout the day and won’t irritate your skin like other products.

When it comes to dealing with male incontinence, having the right product to prevent leaks is the first step. This new product from Depends is the ultimate in accommodating male incontinence in a function, discrete, and comfortable way. Available in two different sizes, Depends Real Fit Briefs are the perfect fit for any man struggling with incontinence. So, start talking about what works—Depends for Men Guards.


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