Thursday, December 11, 2014

When Parents Suffer From Incontinence

Incontinence, or ineffective bladder control is a common problem among the elderly. It can be equally difficult for the children of those who suffer from the condition. Helping a parent with incontinence may come down to following some simple procedures and using a few basic products.

In cases of only slight urine leakage, a pad or guard that fits neatly inside the underwear should be sufficient to protect outer clothing. Those who experience the complete emptying of their bladders will require protective underwear that can contain a large amount of fluid. The highest level of protection is afforded through the use of adult diapers, which are particularly useful to those confined to bed or to a wheelchair.

Dealing with the effects of incontinence also involves protecting the furniture and bedding on which the person sits or sleeps, and this can be accomplished through the use of waterproof underpads. However, the threat posed by the condition goes beyond stained clothing and furniture; especially when considering the physical effect of urine on the skin. In order to avoid rashes, those who suffer from the condition need to be kept as dry as possible. Further protection can be guaranteed through the use of drying products and skin ointments.

The elderly need to be constantly kept aware of their bathroom needs and must also have a clear path to the nearest toilet. In public places, those accompanying them should know the location of the closest restroom in case it is needed in a hurry. It may also be wise to provide those so afflicted with a regular bathroom schedule so to prevent the excessive accumulation in their bodies of urine.

Specific pelvic exercises can actually reverse incontinence, although medications and even surgery may be useful in cases where there is an underlying medical problem. Otherwise, a good diet that includes cranberry juice but avoids alcohol and caffeine and the consumption of any fluids after dinner may be enough to alleviate the problem. Helping to change his or her personal habits may go a long way in helping a parent with incontinence.


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