Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What Are The Best Incontinence Products For Seniors?

In order to evaluate what are the best incontinence products for seniors, it's important to understand a few things about adult diapers in general.

Adult incontinence briefs, also known as adult diaper briefs, are put on by attaching sticky tags on either side of the briefs. This design means that the person using the briefs does not have to step into them as they would with traditional briefs or "pull-up" style diapers. Adult incontinence briefs are used with people who have very little mobility, who are not necessarily putting the briefs on themselves. These briefs can be attached and ripped off very quickly. The senior can be lying in bed while he or she is being changed or standing in front of a commode.

It's important to order the right size incontinence briefs. This is especially true if the briefs are being ordered in bulk. Use a tape measure to measure the waist of the person who will be wearing the briefs in inches. Use this measurement to determine the correct size. Most companies that sell incontinence briefs will have a chart to select the correct size based on a waist measurement in inches. It's important to note that not every company and brand uses the exact same chart.

Also, adult incontinence briefs have different levels of absorbency. The amount of absorbency necessary in a brief depends on the individual. Factors to consider include how much urine a person produces during one episode of urination and the frequency of their episodes of urination. Also consider that staff in nursing homes are required to change diapers of residents requiring total care at least twice in an eight hour shift. General categories of absorbency used by most adult incontinence brands are light, moderate and heavy.

In conclusion, there's a lot to know about how to order the best incontinence products for seniors. With a little trial and error, however, the best products for whatever the need - whether it's for one person or a whole facility - can be obtained.


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