Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our Favorite Female Incontinence Products

Recent research reveals that approximately 1 in 4 individuals have bladder leakage. This condition affects both the young and old, as well as men and women. However, nature has favored women with this problem, with our gender being three times more likely to experience incontinence than men.The great news is that there are excellent products that can give us peace of mind and make incontinence manageable. Here we present our faves of the best female incontinence products available.

Absorbent pads are disposable and have adhesive strips that attach to underwear. They absorb 8 or more ounces of fluid, protecting your skin and blocking odor. Incontinence pads are preferable over menstrual pads. Although a menstrual pad pulls moisture away from your skin, the material doesn't absorb urine effectively. Incontinence pads are specifically designed to rapidly absorb urine. Some pads are treated with gels that neutralize urine's harmful chemicals. They also have better wicking capacity.

  • Poise Hourglass Pads - These pads come in 3 types, Moderate, Maximum, and Ultimate. Their contoured shape helps prevent bunching and leakage. Quick wicking capacity protects skin and prevents odor. The pads have stand-up leak shields, creating a "cupped" effect. They also have a pleasant scent.

  • Poise Ultimate Pads, Long - These thin, contoured pads are the most absorbent available. Odor and wetness are no match for the "Ultimate." They're designed with leak-block sides and are 1" longer than the standard Ultimate. Another nice feature is that they're individually wrapped, making them discreet and portable.

  • Always Discreet Incontinence Pads Ultimate, Long Length - These pads are unique in that they contain an absorbent gel material for extra protection against wetness. They have a light, fresh scent and are treated to neutralize odor rather than mask it. Despite their thin design, they're super-absorbent. Leg cuffs further protect against leaks. Pads are individually wrapped. They're also dermatologically tested.

  • Tena Serenity Ultimate Protection Pads - These pads are designed for heavy bladder leakage. They're soft and contoured, with high side shields. They provide excellent odor protection. They also come individually wrapped. With a 16" length, these are the longest pads available. An adhesive strip keeps them securely in place. They provide excellent overnight protection. Tena Serenity Ultimate Protection Pads have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This means the product has been thoroughly tested by scientists and engineers for its effectiveness. Good Housekeeping will refund or replace the pads if they're found to be defective within two years of being purchased.

The advantage of incontinence underwear is that it's washable, making it a money-saver. Incontinence panties include a waterproof liner and pad. Since they don't absorb as much urine as a single pad, they're best for light to moderate leakage. Below is the most effective, comfortable, and pretty panty we've found.

  • Wearever Women's Super Incontinence Panties - These panties and soft and silky. They consist of a waterproof outer layer and sewn-in pad. They're highly breathable, with a perforated design in a pretty pattern. They have a high waist and generous rear. The fit is comfortable and snug, but not too tight. The manufacturer claims they're good for 200-250 washes. Made of cotton/polyester jersey, they do wash well.

  • Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment, By ConvaTec Inc. - The nurses among us highly recommend this product as a skin barrier. It is easily applied and long-lasting. It has excellent skin-protecting, softening, and healing properties. It's fragrance-free. It's especially beneficial for post-shower application. Healing ingredients include petrolatum, lanolin, glycerin, and aloe.


  • TriDerma Intense Fast Healing® Cream - For skin that's suffering from rash and urine burn, this cream is a miracle-worker. It has a full complement of healing ingredients, including aloe, Vitamins A, B, D, and E, zinc, and collagen. It quickly heals areas of skin breakdown and irritation. It's soothing, non-greasy, and instantly melts into your skin.

  • CareFor Premium Underpad With Handles, By HDIS Inc. - An underpad on a fitted sheet gives additional protection to bedding. What's unique about this bed protector is the handle strip sewn to the underside. This feature makes it especially easy to remove from the bed. The top layer is a soft flannel, with an antibacterial and antifungal finish. Its quilted surface makes it all the more comfortable. The wicking layer is made of polyester/rayon, which quickly soaks up fluid. The underpad stays put, and won't ball, shift, or slip. The pad comes in a generous 34" x 36" size.

  • Super Kegel Pelvic Muscle Thigh Exerciser, By Verseo - This is a device you hold between your upper thighs. By squeezing it with your legs, you isolate the muscles that control urine flow. By strengthening these pelvic floor muscles, you prevent urine leakage. In the process of using the device, you also tone the muscles of your abs, thighs, and rear. The stainless steel exerciser has vinyl padding for comfort. The tension is adjustable. This product comes with an instruction booklet and exercise chart. The bottom line is that you'll get a toned posterior and tightened interior, for improved bladder control.


Incontinence is admittedly inconvenient. However, the above products can make it less intrusive. Doing Kegel exercises can also help strengthen the muscles that keep incontinence in check. With the above arsenal of protective products, we've got you covered. You can enjoy an active life in confidence and comfort.


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