Friday, December 12, 2014

Traveling with Incontinence

Millions of people are bothered with an occasional leaky bladder. They drink too much liquid and their bladder leaks. However, a growing number of people suffer with that problem daily. They suffer with urinary incontinence. They find it extremely difficult to control the urine in their bladder. Certainly traveling with incontinence is a major problem for those individuals. Let's take a closer look.

Who suffers with incontinence? I Will take a look at the statistics that were released by the government. Clearly, millions suffer with this condition. The statistics also point out that more women suffer with incontinence than men. It is also interesting to note that about half of the patients in nursing facilities suffer with this medical irregularity.

Incontinence Warning Signs
Are you suffering with a nervous bladder or something more serious? The fact is that many people do not recognize incontinence signs. Often, they attribute the most apparent signs to a temporary leaky bladder, nervousness, or failing to get to the bathroom on time. A lot of women develop incontinence problems after having a baby. They find that any type of physical exertion causes leakage. For example sneezing, coughing, laughing, lifting heavy objects, or exercising hard. Others hate traveling with incontinence because they suffer with a strong need to urinate and cannot control their bladder.

Incontinence Solutions
Let's face facts. Losing urinary control is embarrassing. This might persuade sufferers to avoid social situations. However, there are solutions to the urinary condition. Of course, it is vital to discuss this matter with a doctor. Certainly, incontinence products are also another solution. For example, adult diapers, adult underwear, and adult liners. There are also products on the market that specifically target men and women.

Certainly, incontinence is an embarrassing and frustrating problem that affects millions. The American population is aging. Therefore, health experts predict the numbers to grow much higher. Use the information here to learn to cope with the condition.


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