Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What are Quilted Adult Briefs?

Adult briefs are disposable under garments primarily used for incontinence and over active bladder issues. There is a wide selection of adult briefs available to suit any need. The quilted variety are typically constructed with a softer, more breathable material to keep skin drier and help prevent irritation. 

The need for adult briefs can come from many medical situations. General incontinence issues can occur from conditions such as stroke, coma, dementia, paralysis, or immobility. Many people suffer from over active bladder, poor bladder tone, or bladder prolapse and find they need adult briefs to help with incontinence when they are away from the home and a restroom is not always readily available. For men, temporary or prolonged incontinence issues may develop as a result of prostate surgery. There are numerous and varied conditions where the need for adult briefs may arise.

When choosing an adult brief, there are several key features to bear in mind. One of the biggest problems that can occur in anyone with incontinence is skin breakdown. Skin breakdown occurs when the skin comes into repeated contact with an irritant. If the adult brief does not have a soft, comfortable lining that will quickly wick away moisture, skin breakdown is more likely to occur. Prevention of that breakdown is extremely important. Using quilted adult briefs can be helpful. The quilted material will provide comfort and promote a drier environment. Fit is also a high priority when choosing an adult brief. Be sure to pick the appropriate size brief, as well as one that has features such as breathable material in the side vents and comfortable, stretchy material in the leg openings. Most adult briefs are available in sizes ranging from small to 3XL or larger for the bariatric population.

When dealing with a sensitive medical issue such as incontinence, maintaining dignity is a priority. Adult briefs with quilting are designed with that in mind. The quilted material is cloth-like causing no plastic, diaper type sounds when moving. There are even adult briefs on the market that have colored designs to resemble a traditional undergarment look.

When the need arises for adult briefs due to an incontinence or bladder issue, be informed about the options and features available. Quilted adult briefs are made of soft, breathable material to keep the skin cool and dry. Be sure to choose a brief that suits the situation best for fit, comfort, reliability, and skin integrity.


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