Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to Choose the Right Men Incontinence Pads

Male incontinence is a common problem that occurs after prostate treatment. This condition occurs when the sphincter muscle in the bladder is not strong enough to hold back urine. Bladder control products can make living with urinary incontinence so much easier. Here are five features to consider when choosing the right men incontinence pads. 

Protection for Rapid Absorption

Urinary incontinence makes it unpredictable when a man with this problem have to use the bathroom. Urine can leak in large and small amounts. It can spread quickly across the front of clothing and create damp spots. For these reasons, it helps to choose bladder control pads designed for rapid absorption.

Secure Fit

A secure fit is an important feature when looking for bladder control products. Men must find a pad that fits comfortably and securely around the penis. The product has to provide a secure fit without restricting the natural movement.


Contour is another important feature that goes along with fit. It refers to how the pad fits around the body. Many companies who sell bladder control products can get creative with this feature. Some pads are made with leg cuffs and flexible tabs. Flexible tabs and leg cuffs allow for customizing the pad to fit unique body types. These features also allow for the product to fit secure and comfortable.

Locks Away Moisture

It is not always possible to change bladder control pads when out and about. A pad that locks away moisture and keeps it off the skin is beneficial for men. Keeping the urine off the skin is important for feeling comfortable and confident while in public.

Odor Control

Odor control prevents men from being embarrassed when out in public. Most bladder control products come with a special technology for handling the smell. This feature is essential for maintaining odor when having to wear the pads on a regular basis.

Most men hate the idea of wearing incontinence products. However, these products can make life a whole lot better. The main point is to live a normal life without restrictions. Choosing the right bladder products can provide males without enough protection to control urinary incontinence.


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