Friday, June 12, 2015

Tips for Using Tena Underwear for Women

Incontinence is a highly personal and very sensitive issue for those who live with this condition. Many people feel embarrassment about the issues they deal with and are concerned about leakage, odors or staining. Many incontinence underwear products are bulky, ineffective and provide little odor protection.

Why Choose Tena Underwear for Women?
For those seeking heavy incontinence protection, Tena underwear for women provides a comfortable feeling that is as close to regular underwear as any protective brief has ever come. Thin, discreet, breathable and comfortable, Tena underwear comes in a large variety of sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, enabling women to find the perfect size for comfort and function. Features that wearers of Tena underwear will enjoy include:

The most secure protection derived from stay-put fit technology
Advanced odor-fighting properties to absorb and block smells
A newly designed interior core offering superior absorbency with less bulk

How Will Tena Underwear Improve Your Health?

Designed to fit like regular cotton briefs, the pull-on, fitted design is easy to wear but provides maximum protection against moderate to heavy urinary leakage. For those who experience incontinence, inadequately absorbent protective undergarments can cause skin problems because of exposure to moisture. The core of Tena underwear is designed to whisk moisture away from the skin, locking it away to prevent redness, chafing, and irritation.

Tena underwear allows women to enjoy the feeling of freedom from anxiety about leakage and unpleasant odors. Tena's absorbent core incorporates neutralizing odor technology, ensuring freshness throughout the entire day. It wears like a regular brief, so there is no need to feel worried about any bulk or bulges showing through clothing. Whether it's summer or winter, clothing options no longer need to be limited to loose apparel for fear of exposing incontinence protection.


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