Sunday, June 21, 2015

Incontinence and Choosing Adult Female Diapers

There is nothing as embarrassing as waking up to a wet bed in the morning. Unintentional wetting of the bed is a common condition in both men and women. One of the ways women try to control incontinence is through the use of adult female diapers.

Urinary incontinence refers to unintentional urination. It is caused when you experience problems with the muscles and nerves responsible for holding or passing urine. The bladder stores your urine. Urine leaves your body via a tube that is connected to your bladder- also known as the urethra. The muscles in your bladder contract so that urine is passed through the urethra. During this same time, muscles around your urethra- sphincter muscles- relax to get rid of urine from your body. When there is an abnormality in this process, you find yourself urinating unintentionally.

Symptoms of incontinence

Urge incontinence: an intense urge to urinate soon after or when urine leaks
Stress incontinence: leaking of urine when you are under some sort of pressure like when laughing or coughing

How is Urinary Incontinence Treated

A change in lifestyle like cutting down on alcohol and caffeine or losing weight
Pelvic floor exercises- these exercises are performed under the supervision of a specialist.
Bladder training- a specialist will also train you to be patient between the periods when you need to urinate and when passing urine.

How to Choose Adult Diapers

First, determine how often you empty your bladder, how often you leak urine and how much urine you leak.
Choose an absorbency level that suits you. To do this, you should determine how much urine you pass unintentionally. For small leaks, you can choose a diaper that has a light absorbency level but if you normally pass out a lot of urine involuntarily, go for diapers with a high absorbency level. Most people prefer to choose a high absorbency level for the night and a light absorbency level for during the day.
There are different styles available for adult female diapers. There are belted, pull on and snap kinds of diapers.
Determine the condition you are suffering from. There are different kinds of incontinence. There is overflow, stress, functional and urge incontinence. Choose a diaper that is suited to your condition.


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