Friday, February 27, 2015

About Tena Protective Underwear

Incontinence suffers no firsthand know just how uncomfortable it can be in certain situations. Simply being at business events or family functions can be a challenge. Being at a beach or a formal function can be extremely uncomfortable. Tena protective underwear helps people in these situations remain comfortable.

Designed for comfort

Pull-on-style underwear provides the same comfort of traditional underwear but with better protection. The snug fit securely attaches to the body snugly without forming an abnormal crease. The underwear doesn’t have an inflated or bunched appearance when worn, so people can be extremely comfortable as clothes are worn. The underwear isn’t visible in normal clothing. It never causes rustling or bunching due to creases in the underwear. TENA brand underwear is unlike most other styles of underwear, which makes it an option for different frames.

Maximum protection

Maximum protection is provided by specialized absorptive technologies. Engineered specifically for people with bladder weakness, individuals can be assured that moderate or major accidents. The material quickly pulls away the moisture from the skin, preventing it from ever irritating the skin. The high level of protection also limits redness from occurring. The elastic waist forms a comfortable fit that doesn’t make the person too uncomfortable.

Odor protection

Some underwear brands offer all of the protection without the odor control. Multiple layers of protection against absorption offer odor protection as well. The person can be assured that there will be no embarrassing moments that can happen at any time in a social setting. Combining dual protection against leakage and odors.
Off and on quickly

Great underwear allows for an active, normal lifestyle. The elastic waist band makes for easy removal. The tear-away seam gives you the option of removing the underwear without having to wriggle uncomfortably.

The TENA underwear offers excellent protection for those suffering with incontinence. The underwear can be discreetly worn without forming any unsightly creases. When worn, there is no uncomfortable rustling under the clothes. Simple, elastic waistline makes it easy to remove with effortlessly. One can remove them using the tear-away method or traditional approach. Women no longer have to worry about social gatherings or recreational activities where an unexpected accident or leak occurs.


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