Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What Is Adult Plastic Underwear

Adult plastic underwear provides protection from leakage secondary to incontinence while providing the consumer with a maximum level of comfort and durability. As urine is emptied into the diaper, the cloth-like design quickly wicks liquid away from the skin, assuring that sensitive genitalia remain dry and free of rashes or burning irritation. The elastic waistband and areas around the legs eliminate the visibility of the product through external clothing, and unlike plastic variations, the cloth-like design remains silent as the user moves about so that the wearer is assured the utmost discretion.

Other brands of incontinence protection manufacture adult underwear that can only be adjusted a few times at best before the tabs lose their ability to adhere to the material and stay in place. Instead, the tabs lose their sticky quality and the diaper won't close. The product will then fall off, become twisted, or move about on the wearer, leading to the wasteful need to discard of it before it has been used. However, the innovative technology of adjustable tabs allows an incontinence garment to affix in various positions on the underwear repeatedly without losing its ability to grip and stay in place, thus assuring that the underwear stays discreetly in place during normal physical activities throughout the day, including sitting, walking, dancing, or exercising, as well as offering nighttime protection while the wearer sleeps.

Combined with the absorbent components of the underwear, this versatility protects against the potential embarrassment of leaks while locking the urine into the absorbent protective foundation garment. Since the product allows for multiple adjustments, unnecessary changes throughout the day are eliminated, saving time and money. Odor is not an issue either because of the special odor guard technology that traps embarrassing odors inside the product while still allowing air to circulate within the confines of the briefs.


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