Monday, March 23, 2015

Adult Disposable Underwear

Similar to adult briefs, but without the Velcro or tape fasteners, pull-on adult disposable underwear offer freedom to those with special urinary needs. They are easy to put on and remove and are ideal for those who are sufficiently ambulatory to use the restroom without help. They fit similarly to traditional undergarments and afford the user the comforting familiarity of fabric undergarments.

Compare to Full Sized Adult Diapers
While they are not as absorbent as full-sized adult diapers, they are easier to move in, do not appear bulky through the fabric of the pants or other outer garments. Some brands claim to be as absorbent as a full adult diaper, but it is important to remember that a general rule is that sanitary undergarments are only as absorbent as their thickness suggests.

Suggestions for Use
Disposable underwear should fit snugly at the waist and legs without pinching. Those with delicate or fragile skin conditions should take special care to avoid pinching or chaffing. This is especially important in areas where infection can be problematic. Some brands may use an elasticized crotch to alleviate problems in this area. These will have to be well fitted to the individual. Other brands incorporate inner-leg cuffs extending down the leg as in brief-style undergarments. These are considered among the most reliable.

To determine the right sizing of the disposable undergarment, simply measure the waste of the user as you would normally do. All of the reputable manufacturers of disposable undergarments use a regulated sizing-chart that highlight size ranges in inches. Remember, that as with traditional garments, the size charts of different brands are not the same.

Adult disposable undergarments tend to have a light-to-moderate absorbency rating. They can accommodate small to medium instances of incontinence. It is for this reason that they are recommended for infrequent or brief durations of use.

For Elder and Disabled-Person's Use
Disposable briefs are an excellent way for senors and persons with disability-related conditions to retain the dignity they deserve as their health needs change.


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