Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting Your Life Back with TENA Women Protective Underwear

No one should ever feel ashamed if she suffers from a medical condition, but there is nothing more humiliating than losing bladder control. Millions of people have experienced some form of incontinence with women twice as likely to be affected. From a small discharge of urine to full-blown bladder release, this problem can prove a minor annoyance or severely limiting. Even for those who suffer most, TENA Women Protective Underwear provides a discreet and reliable solution.

With an inner designed core that increases absorbency, TENA Underwear allows women with moderate to heavy incontinence to feel secure no matter their situation. Because the product is form fitting, it maintains the look and feel of regular underwear. Whether enjoying time with family, out on a date or getting through an entire meeting at work, this extremely personal matter can remain entirely private.

While there may be no visible signs, the scent of urine is distinct. A woman does not want to feel vulnerable to that revealing smell or rush to the shower every single time she loses bladder control. TENA Women Protective Underwear comes with advanced odor protection, so she can relax and rest assured.

Prolonged exposure of the skin to moisture may cause a rash or itching. This is especially distressing for intimate areas of the body. No woman wants to call attention to her privates by shifting in her seat or scratching between her legs. Women in assisted living or who rely on a caregiver may have heightened concerns about infection. TENA has designed their underwear to lock in moisture and keep the skin dry, minimizing the occurrence of irritation.

From the young athlete who has sustained a sports injury to a recent mother still recovering from birth or a mature woman who develops a common bladder ailment, anyone can experience incontinence. There is absolutely no reason why it has to stop your life.


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