Friday, April 10, 2015

How to Use Waterproof Underwear for Adults

Anyone who has a problem with incontinence, due to a medical condition or just advanced age, knows that it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing to deal with. However, there is a solution for individuals who have to deal with this issue. There is waterproof underwear for adults that can easily be purchased from many different sources.

This type of underwear fits individuals in a very similar fashion to traditional underwear. Individuals can pull them on just as they would pull on regular underwear. They have elastic waistbands that are designed for the most comfort possible, while also conferring protection against incontinence, at the level of leaks, as well as incontinence that is moderate to heavy. The majority of people who deal with overactive bladders or some form of incontinence choose to wear adult protective underwear in lieu of adult incontinence briefs. This product is great for people who want to maintain somewhat active lifestyles, as it will allow them to do just that.

It is quite easy to figure out what size an individual will need when it comes to adult protective underwear. All the person will need to do is measure his or her waist. Brands of this type of underwear will have size charts that are based on the circumference of the individual's waist.

The type of underwear the person will be getting will depend on the level of absorbency that he or she needs. This will depend on whether the urinary flow based on the incontinence is light, moderate or heavy. Light incontinence entails occasional leakage that happens in certain situations, such as having a full bladder, light lifting, or bursts of laughter. Moderate incontinence involves an occasional moderate urine flow and dribbling that happens on a somewhat regular basis. Heavy incontinence means little to no control over bladder function. These individuals would need constant containment and leakage protection to help deal with a heavy urine flow.

Waterproof underwear for adults can be very helpful for anyone who wants to deal with their incontinence effectively and get their life back. It can truly make a difference.