Saturday, July 25, 2015

Buying Incontinence Medical Supplies

Different Styles 

Many individuals discover that incontinence medical supplies are difficult to find in brick-and-mortar stores due to the lack of sizes and styles. Fortunately, there are online retailers that stock an assortment of diapers designed for females and males who need these items after undergoing surgery or suffering from a debilitating stroke. Supplies for incontinent individuals living in hospitals or in private residences include:

• Underwear – resembling regular undergarments but with absorbent materials
• Pads – designed with adhesives to place in regular undergarments
• Diapers – made to fit adults with bowel or urinary incontinence

An individual needing diapers, pads or absorbent underwear may have urinary or bowel incontinence due to aging, injury or disease. In many cases, patients needing these products require the items for both bowel and urinary disorders. Some people only need light protection for occasional leakage due to a muscular problem in the urinary or intestinal tract while others need heavy-duty protection round-the-clock.

Selecting a Size

In addition to needing absorbent materials, these items should fit properly, prevent odors and have affordable prices. Shoppers may want to select medical incontinence supplies that are easy for them to put on without assistance. Alternatively, if someone is bedridden, then caregivers need diapers, pads or underwear that are simple to put on an individual who is reclining. Important information that is needed to choose the proper garments for individuals who are incontinent are the measurements around the waist and hips to select the correct size. During the daytime, an individual can often wear a lightweight garment but will need a heavier diaper or underwear at night.

Specialty Products

Additional products that are useful when caring for an incontinent patient are absorbent disposable pads for mattresses. Instead of disposable pads for beds, a caregiver may prefer a washable one instead. Specialized skin care with disposable cloths that have gentle cleansers and emollients are also helpful to keep patients clean while avoiding odor and rashes. With many individuals undergoing bariatric weight loss surgery, the need for specialty diapers during recovery as a patient’s body adjusts to changes in the digestive system are required.


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