Monday, December 8, 2014

About SureCare Protective Underwear

Adult underwear provides comfort and peace of mind for those dealing with incontinence, but not all brands offer the same level of quality. Some are made from materials that do not absorb as much as other brands, while others are not comfortable to wear. SureCare Protective Underwear offers both a high rate of absorption and a comfortable fit for adults who need added protection due to incontinence.

SureCare products are made from stretchy polymer material that is able to thoroughly absorb urine while also letting enough air flow through. They fit snugly enough, but they are also loose enough to prevent skin chafing or irritation. These products also have a special moisture barrier that helps prevent leaks, which provides consumers with an additional level of comfort whether they wear them at night or during the day.

SureCare Protective Underwear looks like regular underwear and also feels like it, which makes it one of the top picks among those with incontinence. It also offers other features, including a color indicator, a gel core for longer lasting protection and added odor control. Consumers who wear this type of protective underwear do not have to worry about it making noise either. The moisture barrier cloth-like material helps prevent that.

SureCare products are designed for those who deal with moderate to heavy incontinence. These products come in a unisex design and are made from a comfortable cloth material that features tear away sides to make them easier to remove. They are also disposable for added convenience.

These protective underwear products are available in a range of sizes, including medium, large, extra large and XX-large. They are sold in larger cases for those who need to wear them often or smaller packs for those who only need to wear them from time to time.


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