Thursday, July 2, 2015

About Incontinence Aids for Men

Men with incontinence have special needs. The right incontinence products also make a caregiver’s life easier when there are fewer messes to clean up due to accidents. So choosing the right men’s incontinence aids is important for the man’s comfort and health.

Features of Men’s Protective Underwear

Protective underwear is great for incontinence aids for men. Many use super absorbent microbeads to give a man even more protection when they need it. It also has a modern design that does not look like the man is wearing a diaper, but regular underwear. The undergarments also have excellent, advanced odor protection that keeps a man smelling fresh as well as being easy to change. They come in many sizes to fit both the smallest and largest men.

Men’s Adult Diapers

Men who need an adult diaper have several choices to make. They can choose a regular daytime adult incontinence brief. If they need extra protection, they can choose a heavy absorbency adult diaper. There are also specially made adult diapers for use overnight. These have maximum absorbency. Every style of diaper comes in several styles and in a large variety of sizes to fit every man. Like men’s protective underwear, men’s adult diaper is designed to be absorbent where there is the most need.

Adult Liners and Pads

Another convenient incontinence aid for men is the adult liner and pads. Adult liners are different from incontinence briefs in that they are designed without side panels. They act a bit like a panty liner to keep the man from leaking during times of bladders stress such as when laughing, lifting weights any time incontinence might occur. They are a discreet, unnoticeable way to protect the man you love from embarrassing bladder leakage.


Reusable underpads are also known as bluepads. They are placed under the man when he is sitting or sleeping to protect the bed and bedding from leakage that may occur at night. They provide excellent leakage protection, are washable, reusable and can absorb up to eight ounces of fluid.


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