Saturday, November 15, 2014

All About Prevail Products

Anyone of any age can have problems with a lack of bladder or bowel control. Prevail products help people with bladder control issues live a normal, active life. Whether a person leaks a little or loses complete control of their bladder or bowels, there is a Prevail product that will fit anyone's lifestyle. Prevail offers products for men, women, and for unisex incontinence needs.

The Prevail pad is designed for women with using a special feature called Quick Wick. The Quick Wick material absorbs moisture away from the body, which in turn keeps the skin drier and prevents skin irritation. These pads come in four different levels of absorbency. Prevail pads also have odor guard. Odor Guard prevents odor and keeps the person wearing the pad smelling fresh without having a distinctive perfume scent.

Prevail also makes a shield for men with bladder leakage problems. This shield has more material placed in the front where it is most needed. The Prevail shield for men has the same Quick Wick technology and Odor Guard technology as do the rest of the Prevail line of products. The shields are discreet and undetectable under clothing.

Prevail offers briefs suitable for men, women and unisex. The briefs pull up like undergarments. They look smooth under clothing and feel comfortable even during movement. Prevail briefs come in several sizes and levels of absorbency from light to heavy to suit everyone's protection needs.

When an adult diaper is needed, Prevail offers several types adult diapers that offer total coverage to the wearer. All of the adult diapers have sizes that fit nearly any size waist, expandable fabric side panels, extra absorbent material and tabs that make changing the diaper fast and easy. The sides of the Prevail adult diapers are made of soft and extra absorbent material for all around comfort.

Prevail Products provide a great variety of incontinence and bladder leakage products to meet the needs of the many customers who need comfort and protection. Prevail offers absorbency and odor protection to keep anyone dry and smelling good through all phases of their lives.


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