Friday, November 7, 2014

What Bariatric Incontinence Options Are Available?

Bariatric incontinence is a serious problem. Millions of people suffer from from this often embarrassing condition, which means finding a solution that works is top priority.

The good news that there are options for you if you suffer from bariatric incontinence. Everything from special briefs to surgery may be able to aid you with your problem.

Below is a list of the options available for you. Keep in mind that short- and long-term options have been listed for you to consider.

1. Weight Loss

This is the most straight-forward but also the most elusive solution to bariatric incontinence. Weight loss can increase transit time of solid matter, which allows the body to drain more water from stools or to learn to better control the muscles that keep a full bladder full until you're in an opportune situation to urinate.

2. Surgery

Certain surgical procedures can make it possible to find relief from incontinence. The most effective involve rerouting where fluids and solid matter go to an external reservoir that can be emptied independently.

Besides being potentially embarrassing and life changing, the downside of surgical options for bariatric incontinence is that some patients may be too difficult for surgeons to safely operate on without losing considerable weight first.

3. Bariatric Briefs

Bariatric briefs are designed to keep the problem of incontinence to a minimum. They prevent unsightly leaks and can help your body learn to better control itself so that incontinence is no longer as pressing of an issue.

The difference between bariatric briefs and other bariatric incontinence options is that they work immediately, but they can also be used for the long term until a more permanent solution can be acquired. They are specially designed to work with people whom are larger or taller than the rest of the population, which makes them even better for solving incontinence issues.

Summing Up Options for Bariatric Incontinence

The majority of options for bariatric incontinence involve teaching your body to work correctly to overcome the problems that cause a loss of control in the first place. Couple this with the correct changes to your diet, and may be able to live without this potentially embarrassing condition affecting your life.


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