Thursday, October 30, 2014

Overnight Options for Incontinence

Millions of people around the world are dealing with incontinence. Some ma experience an occasional leak or two, but others are dealing with a much bigger problem. Increased food and beverage consumption encourages daytime leaks. However, nighttime incontinence is not uncommon. For individuals with the latter issue, there are a multitude of overnight options for incontinence available on the market.

Adult Pads and Liners
Individuals who only need light protection can use liners and pads. They are gender-specific, and provide protection in the places where men and women need it most. They adhere directly to the inside of regular underwear, so they're comfortable and discreet.

Adult Underwear
Active individuals who need heavy protection will find adult underwear helpful. They're designed to feel as close to the real thing as possible. The absorbent material is thin and does not interfere with regular movement.

Adult Briefs
Unfortunately, some individuals are not as active as others. People who are bedridden, or less mobile, will need a different type of protection.

In terms of leak protection, adult briefs are similar to adult underwear. Instead of slipping them on or off, briefs come with side snaps. These make removal easier for caregivers.

Bariatric Briefs
Obese individuals have the option of utilizing bariatric briefs. They provide protection that's comparable to adult briefs, but they accommodate larger builds.

Bedding Sheets
For those who wish to have even more protection, absorbent sheets are available. They are able to keep fluids away from the body and protect the mattress. Unlike some of the other options, absorbent sheets can be washed and reused.

Similar to absorbent sheets, underpads will be able to intercept leaks that manage to bypass adult briefs and underwear. They can also be washed and reused. However, they are not limited to use in the bedroom. Through their adhesive backings, underpads can be placed over chairs, couches, and any other surface that needs protecting.


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