Saturday, October 4, 2014

How Do I Choose the Right Absorbency in Incontinence Products?

Everyone has different incontinence needs. You may have mild leakage and require protection for unexpected mishaps. In these instances, a pad or liner may be enough. Alternatively, you may need constant protection for moderate flow and bladder leakage; therefore, adult brief or medium absorbency adult underwear would be sufficient. If you suffer from severe bladder incontinence and heavy flow concerns, only overnight adult underwear and adult briefs for maximum absorbency will suffice.

Right Absorbency In Incontinence Products 

Spontaneous leaks triggered by laughter or sneezes are probably more of a self-conscious issue than anything else. However, if you have a full-blown problem, incontinence can be devastating. Nonetheless, regardless of how difficult the problem, choosing the right protection is crucial.

There are a number of incontinence products available on the market today. In order not to become confused with the variety of options offered, start by taking into consideration the following questions:

Which product is best suited for your incontinence volume?

Which product feels most comfortable?

How effective is one product over the other with protecting your skin?

For instance, PermaDry technology lowers the pH of urine so that it stays as close as possible to your skin’s natural pH, leaving your skin dry, healthy, and odor free. For mild incontinence, liners that pair well with regular underwear offer low-profile absorbency. If you are looking for protection against recurrent daytime mishaps, you should consider disposable underwear, which offers a high level of protection minus the thickness of nighttime or overnight undergarments.

Getting The Perfect Fit

Though incontinence aids are very well structured to absorb and hold numerous quantities of liquid, finding the right absorbency in incontinence products can be tricky. Sometimes protective undergarments do not adequately retain urine; therefore, it is vital to discover why and remedy the situation quickly. The first thing to do is change the undergarment as soon as time allows, both for skin protection and comfort. In addition:

Try your undergarment at home to determine if it is effective or not. Be sure to use a disposable under pad when sitting or lying down until you are convinced no leaking is taking place.

Check to make sure your adult diaper fits properly. If the undergarment is too small or too large, there is always a chance of leaks and extreme discomfort.


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