Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Overnight Options for Incontinence

For those struggling with leakage, there are multiple Overnight options for incontinence currently available to ease the issue.

The first option available is adult diapers. This type of underwear is pretty much exactly like a baby would wear, just larger. Generally speaking, different adult diapers come with different levels of absorption. The higher the absorption rate, the less mobility that someone will have. However, if nighttime leakage is the only problem, wearing a sturdy diaper to fix the problem is a solid answer.

The second option is adult liners and/or pads. Pads are basically the same thing as diapers, except there are no side liners around the hips. As such, the pad sits just beneath the bladder where it allows for absorption. These are not always as comfortable to wear as diapers, but they allow for quick removal and changing so that a person can attend to himself or herself in an expedient fashion during the night.

For those who don't want to have to deal with wearing any extra or different kind of undergarment, bed sheets and liners are available specifically for incontinence. Liners function by providing a vinyl lining that sits just over top of the mattress. In this manner, although the sheets may become soiled, the mattress will be protected. The other option, bed sheets, are made out of cotton and provide an extremely large buffer over the sheets that is comfortable and can absorb a good deal of liquid. As such, if one were to leak accidentally during the night, only the bed sheet and the comforter would have to be washed, but the mattress and sheets would be safe.

Finally, underpads can also help with incontinence issues. Underpads are little sheets of absorbent material that can be inserted into one's undergarment near the private areas. If one experiences leaking, underpass can usually absorb enough liquid to fully protect the undergarment from soiling. Then, one can simply remove the underpad and replace it with another one.

None of these options are completely foolproof, but they can all offer protection which will help with nighttime incontinence.


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