Thursday, November 13, 2014

Understanding the Difference Between Briefs Vs. Underwear

Urinary incontinence is an issue that affects millions worldwide each year. It's a difficult condition to treat despite the numerous medications and exercises doctors employ in an attempt to make it manageable for those affected by it.For many sufferers of urinary incontinence, the best solution is to minimize the damage that this condition can inflict. Urinary briefs and underwear are the two most prominent ways to do this.

The problem comes with understanding the difference between briefs VS. underwear. Style, functionality and even how well one solves the issues created by urinary incontinence differ from one style of garment to the next.

How Incontinence Underwear Works

The basic premise of incontinence underwear is that it should be similar to how regular underwear performs. Most incontinence underwear has a waistband that keeps it on the wearer's waist, feels relatively normal in texture, and provides the same coverage that regular underwear would.

The difference in incontinence underwear from regular underwear is that it is designed to absorb urine itself while trapping any odor from escaping. This prevents many of the issues that urine would otherwise cause in regular underwear, and allows for the wearer to have a higher degree of assurance that their problem will not become a public one.

How Incontinence Briefs Work

Incontinence briefs work much like underwear, yet they are  more stylish and feel  natural. The typical person may look at a pair of incontinence briefs and be unable to tell it apart from regular briefs.

They tend to have an elastic waistband and elastic around the legs that makes them fit more snugly, which in turn makes them feel considerably more like regular briefs. They are also generally made from cotton in an attempt to make them look even more normal.

The only drawback to incontinence briefs is that they tend to cost somewhat more than incontinence underwear. People who use them generally regard them as worth the minor difference in price due to their more natural feel, but this ultimately comes down to preference.

Underwear OR Briefs?

The bottom line is that both styles of incontinence undergarments work to protect an individual from the same thing.The only way to decide between incontinence briefs or underwear is to try both. Some individuals may find a particular style more comfortable, while others may prefer the look of briefs to the look of underwear.


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