Saturday, November 22, 2014

About Tena Incontinence Products

Incontinence is an issue of when urine leaks from the urethra of the body. This issue is one that many individuals suffer from; but there is now a complete solution for protection through Tena products. Tena incontinence products offer a product for both men and women that can help conceal incontinence. Tena offers products that are absorbency products that include a system called InstaDri Skin Care. InstaDri Skin Care in these products helps ensure that as soon as urine is leaked, it is instantly absorbed into the core of the protective product and wicked away from the skin. The core of the protective product will keep the moisture away from the skin in every scenario including sleeping, sitting and moving about.

Tena incontinence products are designed specifically for individuals who suffer from a heavy urine flow. InstaDri Skin Care is unique to only this brand of product and helps keep the skin healthy and dry. An elastic waistband in Tena products help ensure a comfortable fit for all individuals wearing the protective product throughout the day. The elastic waistband also is equipped with tear away sides that help make removal of the product quick and simple.

The pull on style of Tena products make the protective product fit as if it is traditional underwear, while the tear away sides make removal a quick and easy process. Leak protection is strategically placed where it is needed most, and the core of the protective product strives to wick moisture away from the skin and contain it.

Incontinence can seem like a feat that can not be overcome, but with protective products, individuals can once again freely live their lives. Tena offers products that give an option for worry free incontinence protection in any situation that may arise allowing individuals to enjoy life once again without the worry of an embarrassing leak.


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